Writing Readable Blog Articles Is Too Easy!

Writing a blog article that’s easy to read is too easy! You just have to write something that people are willing to read.

The start of your new readable post. Courtest of Werner Moser from Pixabay.

How do you do that?

  • Write in a conversational tone
  • use relevant imagery in the article
  • use a lot of white space
  • use more lists than commas in your sentences
  • show…don’t tell

Write in a conversational tone

Shakespear is for the Elizabethan era. People don’t want to wade through something that reads like a work of classic literature. They want to feel like you are having a conversation with them through the written word. To ensure conversational tone, I usually whisper to myself. When I Whisper to myself, I achieve that true conversational tone.

People find the classics to be boring. Nothing in grade school bored me more than the classics. The Old Man and the Sea…yawn. I can assure you, your readers will feel the same way. So knock it off and use your conversational piece when you write. It will attract more readers and build your online audience.

Use relevant imagery in the article

Save deer hunting images for your scrapbook. Do you really think you will keep a reader by offering crazy pictures on your blogs. Think about it, you put the picture of a deer on a blog about elk hunting… Do you think the reader is going to stick around. No! When talking about elk hunting, put up a picture of an elk.

Using provocative images may help, butSure sex sells, and provocative images are the next best thing. These images may keep guys (and even gals) around, but it may backfire on you as well. Most people blog search at work, and the content filters could block your content. Just use images that are relevant to your post and you’ll do just fine.

Which leads to point number three…

Use lots of white space. Courtesy of Hudsoncrafted from Pixabay.

Use lots of white space

Small paragraphs are your friend. most people don’t like reading walls of text. Whenever I see a blog post with long paragraphs, I usually head or the hills. I’m sure you do, too. Another thing I don’t like is reading a reddit post that is one block of words…30 lines deep. You know you don’t like it…so don’t do it.

Write in small, focused paragraphs. When you write in small paragraphs like this, you give readers a break. Your readers don’t feel like they are moving through a swamp of words. so, learn from your contemporaries and use paragraphs that are:

  • smaller
  • focused and targeted

Use more lists than commas in your sentences

Use more lists than commas in your sentences. This practice provised more white space for the reader, and makes the post more readable.

Lists also set apart each element of the list… Makes the elements of the lest “pop out” more. Thus the lists make the information more memorable.

Lists set the agenda of the article better. You can scroll back up to the introduction to this post for an example. All the headings follow the bullet list at the end of the introduction. So you know what’s in the article before you get to it.

Show…don’t tell

Telling is boring. It’s so boring to tell someone what to do. Showing is far better. It it gets the reader involved in the process. Guess what? All you have to do is look at this article, and you will see every last principle at work. So is your example of you to pull off writing and effective blog post.

In some cases, images can show. You may be writing an instructional article. This is the perfect time to use images to show. You would screen capture each step of a process as you are doing it. Then you would include those images in the article when discussing each step. At this point, the pictures are doing most of the heavy lifting.

In Conclusion

Writing a readable blog post is just that easy. Just follow these steps and you should do just fine.

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If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them below and I will answer them.

As always… I wish you well, no matter where you end up on the internet.




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