Work From Home Jobs For Students – There Are Other Ways

This is a survey of work from home jobs for students. You may be only interested in making some gas money. That’s fine. Maybe some of you reading this are interested in building something that

Better here than fast food for money? Courtesy of William Iven from Pixabay.

will survive your colleges years. You want to build something that will last for years to come.

This is a survey of the possibilities that are available to you and what you can expect. I will be covering:

  • Freelancing
  • Surveys
  • Share-riding
  • High-priced gurus

So you think you can freelance your way to success?

Freelancing your way to home-based work sounds like the dream, doesn’t it? Just get on one of these online freelance sites, get a profile put together and apply for some gigs. Whammo, you have work and are in the money, right?

Not so much.

When you start with one of those freelance gigs, you are going to start out at rock bottom. That means you will be making $5-$15 per post or $2.50 per hour. When you do your time in this level (usually 3-6 months), you can start moving up.

After about a year or two, you can start making decent money… Like $45 per project or $20 per hour or there about. But you’re talking at least a year… Maybe even 2 years to get to that point.

Until then, you are “slaving away” for peanuts. Really, in my opinion, you are better off marching right down to Hardees or Micky-D’s and getting a part-time job at minimum wage. You will make more money in less time.

Surveys are for gas money?

You can also fill out surveys. There are some surveys that are demographic only. All it requires you to do is fill out some information pertaining to you. Things like age, location, income level etc. The problem with these types of surveys is they only pay between $1 and $5 per survey that you fill out.

This is what surveys will pay for. Courtesy of Peter Skittarians from Pixabay.

The other problem with demographic surveys is you can only take them once, and there are only so many developed. You may not make more than gas money off these types of surveys.

Then there are surveys of products. Usually, you will have to go through the purchasing process of the product itself. Yes, that means you will have to purchase the product you are surveying. When you get the product, you will have to use the product, then answer the survey questions.

The purchase of the product costs money. You will have to determine if the money given for your survey will offset the money you spend on the product.

You may make more than gas money on these surveys, but no guarantees. You also have the turn-around time to get the product and use it. So your money is locked up in this turn-around period.

The product surveys seem to be better than the freelance work, and you actually get what might be a pretty cool product, too. So if you are just looking for a little gas money, this may be a way to go…as long as you are looking for something that won’t survive the college days.

What about Lyft or Uber?

Lyft and Uber seem like they may be the way to go. All you’re doing is driving people around from “point a to point b”. There are some serious flaws with this thinking.

1) Cities are starting to tax ride shares like taxi companies. That’s right. Most big cities are starting to look at ride shares like private taxi companies. So if you are operating for Lyft or Uber, you may be levied a tax for doing so.

2) More maintenance on your vehicle. You’re going to be driving your vehicle more, so you will need to get more tire rotations and oil changes on your car. You will also be visiting the gas pump more. All these extra charges will be eating into your profits.

3) Special gifts from passengers. Granted, I may sound a little paranoid here. What if you give a lift to someone who uses illicit substances. You don’t realize it, but some of their “fun stuff”

Ride Shares might leave some of this in your back seet, and you may not even know it. Courtesy of Steve Buissinne from Pixabay.

leaves their pocket and gets into your car. Now it’s there in the seat cushion.

You get pulled over and a K-9 smells the stuff in your car. The packet of stuff is found, and guess what. You now have a drug charge on your record. Good luck getting a job when you get out.

There is just too much going on in ride shares to get involved, in my opinion. I advise you just leave this money pit to those who don’t do their research.

Expensive gurus aren’t the answer, either…?

Don’t be looking to these flashy gurus you see on Youtube and Facebook, either. They look like the way to go, but the flash they present is usually a facade.

These gurus usually charge anywhere from $1000-$4000 for their courses. The one thing I have noticed is that the information is very basic (yes, I have invested in one of these courses). In fact, it seems the individual I bought from probably just read a book or two and then made a program.

In fact, after I was done with the program, I though I was too hot to trot, then I started applying the material. I fell flat on my face. I found that I would have to buy $70 worth of books in order to fill in the gaps in the $1000+ investment in “education” that I received.

Bottom line, as a student, you most likely don’t have the money to invest in $1000+ programs anyway. You definitely don’t have the money to buy other books to fill in the gaps that the education was missing.

By the way, what makes the high-price-point-education industry so pervasive is that the price you pay for the initial course goes 100% directly to advertising. That is why you see these guys all over the place… From Facebook to Youtube.

Don’t spend money on courses that cost more than $1000. Picture courtesy of Kroppekk Pl from Pixabay.

These guys make their money on up-sales at the end of the course that you bought. The up-sells are usually more expensive than the program itself, and that is how the gurus live… From the up sells. They don’t live off the skill they teach, they live off the up-sell from the initial program.

You will learn more about what these gurus are teaching from basic books than you will from the gurus. Skip these programs, and just buy the books and read. This is a much less expensive investment and you will learn more.


Here is how I see each of these methods of online “jobs” in list form:

  • In Freelancing, you are spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast
  • Product surveys can provide gas and night-out miney
  • Lyft and Uber are money pits
  • Expensive gurus should be avoided.

There is another alternative. If you have a hobby you’re passionate about, you can turn that into income for yourself. You can do this through affiliate marketing. And here is the best place I know of to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

Guess what? With constant work on your affiliate site… when you graduate, you could be making more money than your peers. You could even be leaving school with your “free you money” where your peers have to go hunting for jobs. Wouldn’t that be nice?

So, what do you want? Gas and fun money, or a project that could have you in early retirement before you leave college?

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And finally, I wish you well, not matter where you may end up.

Sean Monahan

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