Work From Home Jobs For College Students – Why Woud You Want One?

So you are looking for work from home jobs for college students? You want to make a little extra scratch without leaving your pad?

This is what you will get from most online job sites. Courtesy of Wolgang Eckert from Pixabay.

Unfortunately, I have to be the bearer of bad news. There are no good at-home jobs available, unless you land a job that gives you the option. You need a degree to land one of these gigs. Even then, do you really want to bring that office work into your home environment?

Bottom line, during college, if you’re looking for that extra scratch, you’re better off p[utting in an application at McDonald’s than working an “online job”. There is an exception below, but you will still want a part-time job while you’re getting yourself established in that exception.

Online freelancers are online sweatshops

You might be looking at the online freelancers like Upwork, Fiverr, or Elance. There are quite a few clients on these platforms that pay really good ($45/project or $20-$25/hour). The problem is they will not take on new freelancers.

There are some clients that pay less, but still pretty good ($25/project or $10-$15/hour). The problem is they won’t take you on, either when you first start out.

You have to earn your way to these clients. You do that by working for those that pay almost nothing.

The clients you have to work for pay $5/project or $2-$4/hour. This is legal because it’s considered contract pay. The rate is posted on the assignment and you agreed to take on the assignment. Thus an agreement of the parties. You agree to do ABC work for the posted rate.

You have to work at this low pay level for at least 3-6 months. On top of that, you have to get 5-star reviews for every client you work for. With good reviews, you MAY be able to move up to the next level.

During that time, don’t expect more than $200.00 per month to roll in. And you will be spending at least 4-5 hours per day writing these freelance articles (or whatever freelancing work you choose to do).

So do you want to churn and burn for 5 hours per day or would you rather just flip some burgers and possibly make more after taxes?


Do yoiu really want to turn your car into one of these?
Picture Courtesy of Pixabay.

Uber/Lyft is a money pit

You are considering Uber/Lyft now? Well, why not? All you have to do is go pick people up who need a ride and take them where they need to go, right?

Well yeah, but there are some hidden costs associated with this option that most people don’t consider.

1) Gas Expenses. As you’re driving these strangers around, you are burning gas that you would otherwise not burn. You will be seeing a lot more of the gas station than you otherwise would. This is going to cost you more money. That money is going to eat into your earnings.

2) Maintenance Expenses. As you drive people around, have you considered how many miles you’re putting on your car. You need an oil change every 3,000-5,000 miles. Tire rotations every 10,000 miles. You will even need new tires more frequently… probably every year, or even more frequently than that.

That’s $45-$65 every month and a half for the oil change. Tire rotations are usually free, but how much time are you burning waiting for the garage to rotate them? The new tires could run you between $300-$500 every year or so.

3) Miscellaneous. Here’s the way I look at it for ride-sharing… Do you really want strangers in your car? After all, you don’t know anything about the people you’re taking on. That would be a concern for me. At least cabbies usually have barriers between them and the customers. You don’t.

And then there’s always my number one concern. What if you pick up a druggie and they leave you a little gift in your back seat. All you need is a traffic stop and a drug dog…and you’re done. Your future is shot… All because a druggie left you with a gift in the back seat.

For the monetary costs, you will be looking at well over $1000/year, and the non-monetary costs could potentially be even higher. I recommend you turn away form ride-sharing and don’t ever look back.

Surveys just burn your time for nothing

These can get you some gas money. Courtesy of Andreas Breitling from Pixabay.

I’ve tried the survey route before. I can tell you, this route will only get you gas money… And only about 2-3 gallons of gas at that.

There are two kinds of surveys:

  • Demographic surveys
  • Product surveys

Demographic surveys collect information about you based on where you live and if you perform a certain action. For instance, the Atlanta area might want to take a demographic survey on if you use the Toll Road going into the Buckhead area of town.

These surveys will pay you to compensate you for your time.

If you qualify for that survey, you answer the questions. The survey site will deposit the agreed amount into your online survey site account. It’s that easy, but don’t expect a big payout from these surveys. Only about $1-$5 per demographic survey.

Product Surveys will pay you to fill out surveys on their products. These pay-outs are usually much more lucrative, but there’s a reason.

You have to order the product and use it. Yes, that means you have to go through the site’s ordering page and buy the product. When you get the product, you have to use it. Then you review the product website, ordering process, and the product itself.

Part of the larger payout is to compensate you for the purchase of the product. So you might not be making much more than the Demo. Surveys.

The product surveys that pay the best are credit cards. There is no money changing hands during the application process (to get the product into your hands). When you use the product, you can buy a stick of gum and satisfy the requirements, so the use of the product is low cost.

So if the credit card company is paying you $45 to survey their card and you spend $1… You get $44 in your pocket.

The problem is if you’re a student with little credit history and no stable job, you most likely won’t qualify for the credit line. You aren’t eligible for the credit card surveys.

Unless you need gas money quick, I suggest you just not even consider surveys. They are as much a waste of time as freelancing and ride-sharing.

There’s an alternative to the cheap online jobs. Courtesy of Gert Altmann from Pixabay.

Here’s an alternative

Why work for some other company? Why not work for yourself?

Have you considered affiliate marketing? Basically, you pick a market niche to operate in (I recommend you pick a hobby or something you’re interested in). You then find products to promote within that niche. When you find those products, you get a special link from the product provider (an affiliate link).

When people buy the product through your affiliate link, you get a commission for the sale. It’s as simple as that.

The products are typically promoted by product reviews. The reviews are usually promoted by numerous blog articles that link back to the reviews. So this is really a more advanced form of product survey (see the previous section above). The difference is the survey pays you once. The review pays you over and over.

The review is also written on your terms.  The survey is taken on the client company’s terms.

If you start a affiliate site around a hobby, you will already have products to promote, you just have to find sellers of the product and get the affiliate link from the sellers.

If you start as a freshman in college, you could very well have a full-time income once you get out of college. That means you won’t even have to go looking for jobs when you get out.

That also means that you have your “free you” money. You will be in a position to never have to work for anyone… ever.

If you want to learn affiliate marketing, click here to see what I’m doing.

In conclusion

Most methods of making money online are really a waste of time. If you spend months with the freelance sites, you can make some decent money. Do you really want to put in those months, though?

There is a way around all that, though. It still takes time, but you will have a way to escape the rat race once your affiliate website is established. And college is the best time to get something like an affiliate website established. You are still sheltered from the financial strains of the “real world”.

You can put time into the site and you don’t have to worry about major financial obligations. You just have to study and work on the site. By the time you graduate, you should have a business that pays you a monthly amount that easily sustains you without a job.

Again, to see how to get that done, just click here.

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Finally, good luck out there, no matter where you end up on the internet.

Sean Monahan

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