What is “Free You” Money?

What is “Free You” money and why is it so important? Free you money is just making the money you need to make your bills on a monthly basis.

A box of your “Free You” Money. COurtesy of S.K. from Pixabay.

Even better if you make enough money to put some away into an emergency savings fund. Then into investments.

There are three benefits that “free you” money can give you:

  • Freedom from a job
  • Options
  • Freedom from worries

“Free You” Money frees you from a JOB

“Free You” Money can free you from a JOB. The standard JOB is there to ensure that your bills are met on a monthly basis. You trade in 8-12 hrs per day, and you get so much an hour or month in compensation.

The problem with this system is you are locked into the same level of pay hour after hour or month after month. You have no chance to increase your pay without requesting a raise or having a raise issued to you.

This flat-level compensation hold people down and never really allows people to get ahead in life.

With the “Free You” Money source, you can make money to get away from a job. Once you’re away, you can continue to build on your “Free You” Money machine so you can make even more money over time.

Which leads to the next benefit…

“Free You” Money gives you options

When you have enough “Free You” Money rolling in, you have options. You can now buy better cars. Move into a bigger house. Give to charities or to your church.

This also gives money for you to build an emergency fund. Yes, even with “free you” money, you should still have an emergency fund. Even with “Free You” Money, economic hardships can happen. Ever hear of an economic downturn before.

Which options do you choose. Courtesy of Arec Socha from Pixabay.

You can also start investing some of that “Free You” Money in stocks that generate a dividend. Investing in dividend generating stocks allows you to expand your “Free You” position even more.


Having an investment “Free You” Money position also allows you to have an income safety net if your primary “Free You” Money machine becomes broken by the economy. You still have a back-up income option.

Which leads to the last benefit of “Free You” Money…

“Free You” Money frees you from worry

Building a “Free-You” Money position leaves you without worry of the future. This is especially true when you start putting money in investments that generate a dividend.

When you have money coming in that isn’t dependent on a JOB, it really does feel freeing. You don’t have to worry about putting up with an overbearing boss, just to get the bills paid. You don’t have to worry about lay-offs due to down-sizing or “right-sizing.” You have the money you need to take care of yourself and your family… No problem.

The lights will stay on. Food will be on the table… No children will go hungry. You even have a lot more free time to spend with the family. I think this is the best benefit. Spending time with the ones you care about… Instead of becoming a stranger to everyone under your roof.

This lack of worry and more quality time are the greatest benefit “Free You” Money can provide. I suggest you grab it up while you can.


“Free You” Money is the key to freedom today. If you want to remain a wage slave, chained to a desk or a time clock… Be my guess.

If you pursue your “Free You” Money, though… You will only have to stay there a short time longer. In the long run, you will be spending much more time with your family and living life on your own terms. No more bosses and companies calling the shot in your life.

If you have a hobby or avocation that you enjoy, you can actually turn it into your “Free You” Money. To find out how, just click here.

“Free You” Money is the ticket to your freedom. Go after it now, and retire early.

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