What is a Web Host?

Web hosts are the homes of the independent website owners on the internet.  Without web hosts, there wouldn’t be any of the blogs on the bloggosphere that now exists.

This is a schematic of what web hosting “looks like.” Courtesy of Williamscreativity from Pixabay.

Every blog and independent news sources (and even some “mainstream news sources”) exist because of web hosts.

But what exactly is a web host?

A web host is a company that houses internet servers.  These hosts lease out space on their servers, for a certain amount every month, to web site owners (some don’t but “nerf” the use of the blog).  In return the web hosts house the site owners’ websites on the servers.

There are actually two types of web hosts…free and paid web hosts.

The free web hosts.

Free web hosts allow you to be on their servers for free.  In return for being on their site, you are given a sub-domain that you can post on.

The problem with free web hosts is that you are bound to certain rules that you must comply with.  So if your content tends to be on the edgy side, you might be in for a hard time staying on these types of sites.

You may also find monetizing these sites in any appreciable way to be difficult at best, and almost impossible at worst.

If you are just blogging to blog, and that’s it, a free sub-domain might be for you, as long as the content isn’t that edgy.

Examples of free web hosts would be Blog Spot (blogger.com), and wordpress.com.

The paid web hosts.

Paid web hosts are the hosts that sell spots on their servers to website owners.  These priave website owners can then have access to the internet through their website on the web host’s servers.

Because you would be the owner of the domain name on the server, you make the rules for what goes on your web site and what doesn’t.  You also determine how the site is monetized.  In other words, the website belongs completely to you.

There is no getting shut down because you broke some arbitrary rule.  If the web host is petitioned by an outside force to shut your site down for edgy content…they are more reluctant because you are a paying customer.

You have much more flexibility on a private server than you do on a public sub-domain servers.

Private websites also rank much better than sub-domain sites.

Wealthy Affiliate is my Top Web Host Recommendation

On some of these web hosts, you can get your own private server for a higher price.  You aren’t going to need that much space in the beginning, so you don’t need to worry about that.  Just get a standard plan and run with it.

The big web hosts out there that I know of are hostgator.com, godaddy.com, wix.com, and squarespace.com.

My top web host recommendation

Of all the web hosts I have dealt with, I find that Wealthy Affilate is the best one.  All the websites are streamlines through Wealth Affilaite to load rapidly, and there is never a problem with my web sites at all.

When I was with Host Gator last time, my site had back-end hyperlinks that were posted to the public showing of my website.  I still don’t know why that was happening.  This link snafu didn’t occur with the themes that I didn’t want, they occured on the theme that I wanted.  Go figure.

I have NEVER had that issue with Wealthy Affilaite.

Wealthy Affilaite provides you will website plug-ins that will benefit the functionality of your site.  All in one SEO Pack and Kracken Image Optimizer are both included with all websites.  Both help in boosting your website’s SEO rankings.  And that’s what we are looking for as affliate marketers.

Finally, all websites are automatically backed up by Wealth Affliate, so you don’t have to worry about manually backing up your website (in case of some sort of error).

Many of these features are not available with the web hosts above.  You can only find them at Wealthy Affilaite.  So I highly recommend you take a look.  They cost more, but I see the value as justified.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below in the comments section.  I will answer all comments.

As always, good luck out there, no matter where you make end up online.


Sean Monahan

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