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Web hosts are the companies that give us a place to plant our web addresses on the internet. Without them, we can’t get our websites on the internet.

Servers are the key to for websites to reach the internet. Courtesy of Joge Gillean from Pixabay.

Not all web hosts are created equal, however. You have bargain web hosts like Godaddy and Hostgator. For $12 per month, they can get you on the internet. The problem is you get what you pay for.

I use Wealthy Affiliate. Even though they do charge $49 per month, the web building process is much more streamlined, and they offer free services that are usually paid for with other services.

There are many aspects of web hosts that are equal… Such as domain name registration and branded email addresses. Even the customer service is good across the board.

There are just some areas that the web host I use does better than the others.

This post covers more of the differences, which are:

  • Ease of web building.
  • Ease of management.
  • Extra Goodies offered by Wealthy Affiliate (my choice).

Ease of website building.

This is site builder for my web host of choice. This is the free sub-domain builder. The private domain builder is the same except that yu can select from the private domains available instead of having to enter a doamin name.

Most companies have this covered pretty well, and the process is fairly streamlined across the board. The difference comes with the selection of the theme for your website.

1) register your domain name.  Every web host offers domain registration service. You go to the domain registration area of the web host website and follow the prompts. They will get you squared away. Just make sure your domain name is brandable to what you’re promoting.

2) Make a title for your site. This is easy enough. Just use the domain name with spaces as the title of the site. This is a quick naming method and works well for branding purposes.

3) Pick a theme. This is easy for most web hosts. They will just start you out with the WordPress theme of the year. The problem is there is not as much functionality with those themes as there are with other “3rd party” themes.

Some cut rate web hosts tend not to format these other themes correctly. If you have read other posts I have written on web hosts… You will know about the dummy admin link issue that I had with Hostgator. It was truly a disappointing experience.

But when I went to Wealthy Affiliate, I used the same theme I used with Hostgator, and didn’t end up with any dummy admin links anywhere on my site.

Even better, Wealthy Affiliate has a library of themes… over 3000 of them. So you can pick the theme that you want to start with… Before the website is even built.

During my tile dealing with Web hosts,  I have experienced firsthand the meaning of the phrase “you get what you pay for”.

Ease of management

I have found that my website is much easier to manage through Wealthy Affiliate.

With all the other web hosts, you have the web host admin page, c-panel, and the WordPress admin page. The web host admin page is where you took care of the hosting account, c-panel is where you manage stuff like your brandable email addresses, and WordPress admin area is where you control the website itself.

Wealthy Affiliate has changed the website management from three different places to two places. The web hosting and domain name related management is done in the WA Website management tab, and the website development is done in the wordpress admin area.

Wealthy Affiliate has also created a one-click wordpress admin log-in function and one-click password change. So you don’t have to remember passwords, and you get a randomized password every anytime you want it.

You don’t get this function with any of the other web hosts out there.

Wealthy Affilaite SiteManager screen (for one website I have).

You have all your management in one place, and website editing on wordpress, which is one click away. You don’t get that with budget web hosts.

Extra goodies offered by Wealthy Affiliate

1) SiteSpeed. This is a service provided to Wealthy Affiliate Premium users.  The feature boosts website load speeds. Website load speeds are essential today. If your website takes forever to load, your potential readership will click off your site and go elsewhere.

Google also decides how you will be ranked based on site load speed. The slower a page loads the lower it will be placed in the rankings.

As far as speed is concerned, you need as much as you can get, and Wealthy Affiliate helps you out with load speeds with the SiteSpeed function.

There is even a space in your Website Manager area where you can check the load speeds of your website. You will never be in the dark about how fast the pages on your website are loading.

2) Site SSL (HTTPS). This shows Google that your website is secure. If you don’t have SSL on your website, you’re shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to rankings.

Have you ever got the notice on your browser that you were going to an unsecured site? You more than likely clicked away from that site, didn’t you?

You got that notice because the site didn’t have the SSL encryption. Google knows that you will most likely click away from sites that don’t have this protection, so Google ranks these sites lower than sites that do have SSL encryption.

Since you get the SSL encryption for free from Wealthy Affiliate, I recommend you just sign up with WA and take advantage of the secure website certificate and get the better ranking the protection provides.

3) SiteProtect. Wealthy Affiliate offers SiteProtect, which is their anti-spam software. You can get anti-spam plug-ins, but these plug-ins block the spam at the website level. This still allows the website comments database to get filled up and not work as optimally.

SiteProtect Operates at the server level, and that keeps the spam from even reaching your website. If no spam reaches your website, no spam is slowing down your comments database. Your site still works at optimum levels.

These are some of the free services incluses with a Wealthy Affiliate Web hosting package.

4) Automatic Database Backup. Every day, Wealthy Affiliate backs up everybody’s website. So if you somehow break your site, WA can restore your site to the last backup they have (which is usually maximum 24 hours old).

I can’t recall any other web host service offering this service to its customers. This service just offers peace of mind that you can restore your website to a point 24 hours earlier if needed.

5) Wealthy Affiliate Provides the plug-ins needed for success. Some cut rate web hosts offer some of these plug-ins, but they don’t offer all of them in the same place. You would have to go hunting for them, if you even knew about them… Or realized that they were necessities.

The Plug-ins you get are the All-In-One SEO Pack, Classic Editor, and Kraken Image Optimizer.

The All-In-One helps the search engines find your website and post your website content on the search engine results.

The Classic Editor allows you to use the classic WordPress editor.

The Kraken Image Optimizer allows for web post image optimizing.

And you get these plugins automatically installed on every website you have hosted with Wealthy Affiliate.

In Conclusion

Wealthy Affiliate might cost more than other web hosts… But the way I see it, you get what you pay for.

When I used Wealthy Affiliate, then went to another Web Host (because it cost less), I was disappointed.

I quickly came back to Wealthy Affiliate for my web hosting needs. If I ever went past my cap with any of my websitesat Wealthy Affiliate,  I would have to go to one the other web hosts for their private server services.  But I don’t see that happening for a while.

Anyway, there is one more thing you get with the web hosting service with Wealthy Affiliate. If you are new to monetizing a website, Wealthy Affiliate has a training course that teaches you how to do just that… from a-z.

You don’t get a whole course on monetizing websites with the other low-cost web hosts. They just want your money. Wealthy Affiliate wants you on the web, and being financially successful on the web.

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If you have any questions or comments, leave them down in the comments section. I will answer all of them a soon as I can.

And as always, good luck out there, no matter where you end up on the internet.



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