Wealthy Affiliate University Scam – Is It Really…?

So, what is all this about a Wealthy Affiliate University scam? I’m not really sure. With the way that the training is streamlined, the only way to fail at Wealthy Affiliate University is to wash out.

I mean, you have all the support that you need. You can ask questions in the chat rooms in three different ways at least…and have an answer within minutes.

You can even Private Message your coach or Kyle and Carson (the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University) and have an answer to your questions…usually within 12-24 hours.  And I don’t know any owner of an online product that goes into the community and see if anyone needs help at all.

And I never had service from a web host that was an awesome as it is here at Wealthy Affiliate University.

But, lets take a look at some of these issues in-depth…starting with a breakdown of the company.

Breakdown of Wealthy Affiliate University

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website: wealthyaffilaite.com

Useful For: Beginner to Expert Affiliate Marketers

Price Points:

  • Starter (free)
  • Premium Monthly ($49/month)
  • Premium Yearly ($359/Year)

Support: 4.5-5

Web Hosting: 4.8-5

Training: 4.8-5

Overall Rating: 4.8-5


Who Is Wealthy Affiliate Univeristy For?

Wealthy Affiliate University is definitely for the person starting out in the online branding and affiliate marketing space. here you will learn how to:

  • Properly build out your website
  • Properly use keywords for search engine ranking (its not hard at all)
  • Write captivating blog articles within your subject niche
  • Write powerful, compelling reviews.
  • How to add color and personality to your website and overall brand

Wealthy Affiliate University is also for the “old hat” brand affiliate marketer as well. Even after the initial beginner programs, there are other classrooms that you can venture into. Some classroom topics are:

  • Local Marketing
  • SEO
  • WordPress and its fuctionality
  • PPC
  • and 14 other classrooms that you can choose from.

Many of these classes are taught by Kyle and Carson. There are also some that are taught by other members within the community. And its absolutely amazing what some people in the community have to offer when it comes to Wealthy Affiliate Educational Content. I highly encourage you to check it out.

==> To check out the top-notch training that Wealthy Affiliate University has to offer, just click here.

Please be advised that only the first phase of the Certification program and Affiliate Bootcamp are available to starter members. All other training are only available to premium members.


Wealthy Affiliate University Support – Help is always a mouse-click away!

There are a number of ways to find help in Wealthy Affiliate University. And you will get a response from all avenues withing minutes to at most 24 hours.

The first support option is the search bar at the top center of the website. If you enter your question in the form of a search term, then you will get a list of blog articles that cover your topic.

Wealthy Affiliate Search Bar

If these articles don’t help you any, then you can phrase your search term as a question and have it entered into the help forums for response. The questions are usually answered within a few minutes. Rarely, it may take upwards of an hour, but that is not the norm.

You can ask a question in the comment section of each training. Just got to the bottom of the lesson and type in your question. You will be prompted if the comment is a help question, which you should click yes, then submit your question. Again, the question goes to the help forum for response. And the response shouldn’t take more than a few minutes in most cases.

At the top left of the Wealthy Affiliate website, you will find the personal message link for your private coach. You can submit your question to him (or her) through that link. Then your coach will be back in touch with you at next log-in (usually 21-24 hours).

WA Left side navigation with Chat icon and Help Icon (bottom two items, respectively)

Also, you can contact Kyle and Carson by personal message as well, and the turn-around is about the same. Kyle and Carson are very active on the Wealthy Affiliate chat and help areas. They will be more than happy to answer questions. You just have to wait until their next log-in for them to respond.

You can put questions in the general chat room, and it will be answered quickly. Essentially the same way as the other form of question submission methods. You are just putting the question straight into the group instead of using other methods to submit the question.

You can click the Help Center icon, and it will take you to options for Asking questions, Live Chat and Private Message. You can use any of these options to ask your question. It’s really just a fast way to get to the other options mentioned above.

Finally, there is Site Support, Which can be found under the Help Center and Website Icons in Wealthy Affiliate. Site Support is there for if you have problems with your website. You can send a help ticket through Site Support and they will fix the problem and get back to you within 24-48 hrs.

So as you can see, with owners that care, an active community, and an emphasis on customer service, Wealthy Affiliate is there to help you for the long haul.

==> To try out Wealthy Affiliate’s stellar customer service, just click here.


Wealthy Affiliate University Web Hosting – The Best and Fastest I Have Ever Seen!

When you go to other web hosting platforms like HostGator or GoDaddy, you have to go with one of the preset themes. Or you have the option of going out on the web and looking for another free theme that might look better.

And before you even get to that stage, you have to wait for two hours minimum for the web host to populate your site for use. I even waited on HostGator for 24 hours the last time I used them, and they still didn’t have it populated.

But at Wealthy Affiliate, everything you need to build a website is right on the site builder. The creation of your first site (if you already know what you want to name the site) should take you 30 second or less. At most, your part should only take a minute.

And as soon as you click build my website and the Wealthy Affiliate set-up icon finishes its cycle (less than three minutes), your website is ready for use.

WA Web Hosting Area.

When you are ready to move from a sub domain website to your own private domain (premium feature), Wealthy Affiliate allows you to purchase your domain on their platform. And the best part is that where other services will jack up the price on you from year to year, Wealthy Affiliate will keep the price constant as long as you are with them.

The best part is this. When you want to transfer from your sub domain to your private domain…it can all be done with the click of one button. Wealthy Affiliate will also provide a re-direct service

from the sub domain to the private domain free of charge as well.

I don’t know anyone else in the industry that provides this service…at all.

When hosting with Wealthy Affiliate, there is no need to remember your website password. The password is random generated by Wealthy Affiliate, and you can click a button next to your password for Wealthy Affiliate to automatically log you in. Even better, with the click of a button, you can change the password to your site at any time. Again, Wealthy Affiliate is the first in the web hosting industry to provide this technology.

When you go into the website manager, you have all the tools you need to take care of your site functionality. You don’t have to go to the c-panel, or any other third-party platform in order to tweak your site externally.

The only other place you have to go (as far as your website is concerned) is to your WordPress back-office, and that is a one-click (well…two click if you count the verification message) log-in from the site manager page.

Wealthy Affiliate University finally offers one of the most advanced writing platforms in the industry, as well. It’s called SiteContent. SiteContent allows you to keep up with various benchmarks in your writing such as word count and number of paragraphs used.

SiteContent also has an in-depth spelling, grammar, and punctuation editor. This feature is very powerful when it comes to correcting issues that search engines might no care for. Now keep in mind, that you don’t want your posts reading like English journals (boring). There are certain grammatical and spelling issues that are no-go’s for search engines and readers, though.

SiteContent grammar checker will make sure that all of those errors are dealt with.

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Wealthy Affiliate University Training – Easy-To-Follow lessons and Action Steps to Get You Going and Making Progress!

WA Affiliate Bootcamp Phase one lessons (starter accessable)

The place to start in Wealthy Affiliate University is the Entreprenuer Certification Course. The first two lessons there will walk you through how to use the platform, setting up your account, and setting your goals.

The third lesson will be selecting the niche you will be working in. This will either be something that you have a passion in, or want to learn more about. Or it could be promoting Wealthy Affiliate (then you will go to the Affiliate bootcamp, below).

The rest of the course is going to teach you how to build your website, writing content that will get ranked in the search engines, and effectively using visuals on your website.

If you decided to promote Wealthy Affiliate, then you will move from lesson three in the Cert. Course to the Affiliate Bootcamp. You will learn many of the same techniques as the people in the Cert. Course…but the material is geared toward promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

And in the last two phases of the bootcamp, you will learn how to develop effective PPC campaigns. These last two phases alone will kick your website into overdrive.

Now back to your training. At the end of each lesson, you will be given action steps that you will perform, and then check off when they are completed. This system allows you to implement while you learn ( and possibly even earn while you learn).

And the best part…by the time you finish either the Cert Course or the Affiliate Bootcamp, you will have a fully functioning brand-building affiliate site. All you have to do is just keep building on the site and growing your influence more.

When you finish your training, the lessons don’t end.  There are a number of classrooms that you can go into that go in-depth into various subjects concerning your brand.  And every Friday night,

Post initial training Classroom Area

there is a live webinar that you can attend as well.  These webinars cover different topics every week…and the webinars are archived just in case you aren’t able to make the live class…you can go back later and watch the class.

==> To experience the best education that the industry has to offer, click here and set up an account to get started.


A Couple of Caveats – A Couple of Things You Should Know

With all the great stuff that Wealthy Affiliate has, there are three setbacks as well.

WA chat window (I told you Kyle was involved in the community).

First, there is potential of getting locked in. This means that if you want to go to another host at some point, I’ve heard it can be difficult to move your website. I personally love the hosting platform and am not sure what these people mean (just never tried to leave). But I have heard its more for non-members that buy the sites off our members and try to transfer them off-site.

So going off-site to a new hosting platform may require some coordination.

The chat room may be an awesome place to hang out and chill. There is only one problem… You want to make money, right? You aren’t going to do that chilling out in the chat rooms all day. Don’t give in to the siren’s song. Get your production goals done first, then indulge in the chat rooms is you still have time.

And to be honest, some material in the training courses are not grammatically correct. you will see what I mean when you get into the training. You can still understand what is being said and get the job done…but it will drive Grammar Nazis crazy (if you’re a Grammar Nazis, you probably didn’t make it this far, anyway.)

But even with these setbacks, Wealthy Affiliate University is the best and most affordable place to get your online education for building brand authority sites. I still highly recommend that you join and take advantage of this extremely valuable education.

Try Before You Buy

Here is an extremely strong point to Wealthy Affiliate.  They will let you try the first part of the training course for free.  Not only that…as mentioned above, you will get two hosted sub-domain websites for free to try out everything that you learn.

And for that first week, you will also get the use of the class comment sections under each class as well as the chat area in the community.  Both the comments and the chat rooms are premium features, yours free for the first week.  I highly recommend you sign up and take advantage of these premium goodies here.

Recap of the Wealthy Affiliate University Overview

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website: wealthyaffilaite.com

Useful For: Beginner to Expert Affiliate Marketers

Price Points:

  • Starter (free)
  • Premium Monthly ($49/month)
  • Premium Yearly ($359/Year)

Support: 4.5-5

Web Hosting: 4.8-5

Training: 4.8-5

Overall Rating: 4.8-5

Wealthy Affiliate University is a solid course and a wise investment on an awesome piece of website real estate. I highly recommend that you get over Wealthy Affiliate now and set up an account. You’ll be glad you did a year from now.

If you have any questions for me, then feel free to leave them in the comments section below. I always get back to posted comments with 48 hours.

What are you waiting for. Click the link above and I will see you on the other side.


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