The Yellow Pad Weekend

So what is the yellow pad weekend and how does it work?

This and a pen/pencil are the primary tools for a Yellow Pad weekend.

First off, this is not my idea. I actually got the idea from a former shock-jock turned pod caster by the name of Tom Leykis.

What is the Yellow Pad Weekend?

The yellow pad weekend is where you get a steno pad, legal pad, or stack of paper. You go check in to an old roach motel a few cities over. Then you stay there for a weekend and write.

You don’t have to check into a roach motel, though. That’s just how it was originally done. You can just sit down somewhere in your house with no distractions.

You make lists about you and your life. You may even write themes (you remember the 5-paragraph essays from high school) on some of these list topics.

What is the value of the Yellow Pad Weekend?

This is a time for you to be by yourself to learn about yourself. Learn about your likes and dislike. Learn about what you love and really to dig deep into who you are and what you are.

By the time you leave the weekend (or afternoon, if you have to), you should have a solid idea of who you are, and what you enjoy.

This realization is a massive asset for people that are affiliate marketers. Now you have a list to niches to choose from when it comes to building web sites. Now those pieces of paper could be worth thousands of dollars… At least to you.

So if you are considering Affilaite Marketing, but don’t know what to promote, give the Yellow Pad Weekend a try to see if you get any ideas out of it.

And if you are still having trouble… you go here, they will provide you with a ready-made niche.

I know this post is a short one compared to most of my posts. If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comments section below. I appreciate all comments, and I answer all comments as well.

Until next time, I wish you luck no matter where you end up on the internet.

Sean Monahan

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