The Value Of Customer Service For Your Products.

Customer service is a vital aspect for the products you promote, especially if the product is technically involved.

You should look for a good support structure before buying into an online program.
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For instance, lets say you are working through an affiliate marketing program and you get stumped. You have a question you need an answer to before you can move on.

Is a help desk and a help ticket all you have, or are there other help channels available?

Most consumer goods give you a 24-7 number you can call, so that’s no problem. More specialized services like training programs have different sources of customer service.

Here are four sources of customer service for specialized services…

  • Help Desks
  • Service Community Chat Rooms
  • Blog Article/Training Search Option
  • Private chat from coach/owners

Help Desk

Almost every training service has a help desk established. You submit your question to the help desk and they will give you a ticket. Your request will be answered in the order received.

Help desks that are well-manned will have the question answered within a few hours.

I have also heard of help desks where customer questions go into a black hole. I could imagine how frustrating that must be, pay for a program and when you have a question, it never gets answered by customer service. After all, part of your payment went toward paying for the customer service.

Before you purchase a program, you may want to check reviews to see how responsive the product help desk is. This research will keep your expectation in check.

WA chat window (I told you Kyle was involved in the community).

Service Community Chat Rooms

Does the service offer a community chat room? I believe every educational service should offer one when the service gets to a certain size.

Note, I didn’t say message board. I said chat room. I don’t know why, but I always liked chat rooms over message boards. I mean, even a private Facebook Community is better than nothing at all.

The chat room allows you to get instant help when you get stuck. One time, I asked a question on the Wealthy Affiliate chat room, and I had a quality answer that actually helped me within two minutes.

That is the value of the community chat. You can get the help you need almost instantly, and you don’t tie up the service’s help desk.

Everyone wins… Especially you when it comes to timeliness of the answer.

Blog Article/Training Search Option

Sometimes all you need is a blog post on the question you have.

If the service has a blog/training search resource, you’re in like Flynn.

You just put your question in the search bar and hit enter. If you don’t get the information you’re looking for, you can go to one of the other options. Too easy, and the search option is an instant resource.

Private chat from coach/owners

Finally, do you have the ability to get questions asked from the coach (referrer) or the owners of the service directly?

This response time for this method might be a little longer, though. You will have to wait for the people you are messaging to log back on. Usually, it shouldn’t take more than a day, though (at least for the service I use).

It’s very rare you find a program that lets you ask questions to your referrer or the program owners. They’re doing their thing and don’t want to be bothered. I get that.

If the referrer and the owners believe in the product and want you to succeed, I don’t understand why they would not answer questions personally, though.

It would add more credibility to their service or system. Just saying.

In conclusion

I have shared four different forms of customer service channels that can be used by online services. I recommend that at least two of the four should be available to you before you put money down on any training program.

But I know of a company that uses all four methods. Each method provides relevant information in a timely manner.

That place is Wealthy Affiliate.  For those considering getting into affiliate marketing, I recommend you check out my review of them here.  You’ll be glad you did.

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And finally, good luck out there.

Sean Monahan

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