The Keyword Research Tool I use!

Everyone in the online space needs a good keyword tool. It is the lifeblood of website SEO.

Not only do you need a keyword research tool… You need a keyword research tool that provides you with the valid information that you need.

Now you can try out the keyword research tool that I use below. I can get 30 searches for you on the house, so you can try it out and see if it’s right for you.

So, just plug in a keyword to research and see what comes up. A glossary of all the terms can be found below.

What do all the terms mean?

  • Avg: This is the average number of searches that the keyword gets every month. My rule of thumb is you want this number to be at least 50. This is the minimum number to get a decent amount of traffic to your site (assuming you are on the first page of a Google/Big/Yahoo search).
  • Traffic: This is the amount of traffic you can expect off a keyword if your website is on the first page of a search engine.
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results): This is the amount of competition you will have with this keyword. It’s advised to keep this number under 100 for new website. Once your website has some posting volume and Google trusts your site more, you can go for higher QSR keywords.
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator): This is a visual indicator of how good Jaaxy thinks the keyword is. The ratings are a Green Great, a Yellow Normal, and a red poor. These are good visuals to go by, but also keep the above metrics in mind as well.
  • SEO: This is a numeric form of the KQI which is a lot more specific. The keywords are ranked from 1-100. The higher the number, the better the keyword. Again, this tool should be used in conjunction with the stats above.
  • Domains: Jaaxy not only provides all the above information, but also gives you a list of domain suffixes that are available for that keyword. This is if you want to register a domain that targets that specific keyword.

Other Jaaxy features

  • Saved Keyword Lists: You can save keywords that you like and put them in lists. You can then download these lists into spreadsheets for use offline.
  • Site Rank: This feature allows you to search for your websites rank in Google under a keyword in that article. This is a useful tool to see how your website is ranking and how much potential work it is doing for you
  • Alphabet Soup: Put your main keyword into the Alphabet Soup engine and it will kick back hundreds of other focused keywords based on the alphabet. It’s the same thing as using Google Instant, but the keyword information is kicked back within seconds.

So as you can see by use, the Jaaxy tool is an extremely powerful research tool for building up and researching your website keywords. And I see it as a valuable site-building tool for you in the days to come.

Sean Monahan

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