The Benefits Of An Active Online Community.

There are many benefits to an active online community-especially when it comes to online training.

Whith an onnline community, you can get help within minutes.
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What happens when you get stuck in your training and you need help? You could submit a help ticket to the help desk. Then you have to wait for hours for the ticket to get answered.

What if the service had an online community that can answer the question just as easily? You could have your answer in minutes.

We will cover the following today:

  • Online communities as a resource for sharing ideas
  • Online communities as a source of help

Online communities as a source for sharing ideas.

Have you been stuck with no idea where go next with a project? I think everyone has.

With online communities, everyone has been there… Including everyone in the chat room. They may have a great idea or tip to help you get past that point.

Maybe you made your first commission check or sold your first product. You want to share that success. You can do that with your loved ones, and you can do that with the community. And the community will know what it’s like to get that first sale too.

If you tell your friends and family about that first sale, they may think that’s awesome. But everyone in the community gets it. That is the first big milestone… Getting that first product moved or commission check earned.

There are many ideas you can share on a community that the outside world just would not understand.

Don’t get like this. Use an online community for help.
Courtesy of Gerd Altmann from Pixabay.

Online communities as a great source for help.

Most product training on the internet revolves around the help desk and help tickets. As mentioned in the introduction, sometimes it takes a while for these tickets to get answered.

Enter the product’s online community. The community members have experienced it all before. So everyone in the community should be able to answer some question that’s posted.

This isn’t to say that everyone knows everything. It’s to say that the people with the right knowledge will be able to answer your question.

And you get a generally accurate answer in just a few minutes max.

Now you can get back to the business of training.

In conclusion

Help desks are a great method of getting help, but they are slow compared to an online community.

You also don’t get to connect with other people in an online program without online chat communities.

Such communities are valuable for getting together and trading ideas, and for helping new people that are getting stuck in training.

The best part is one of the online programs I use has such a community. The best part-the chat is free for the first week. Check out my review of Wealth Affiliate here.

This is the best program I have ever used, help wise. I think anyone who tries it will love it, too.

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And finally, good luck out there.

Sean Monahan

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