Online Work From Home Jobs – I Have a Better Idea!

Ahhhh the old delema…to do work-from-home jobs or start a business.

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Really, it depends. Do you really want drudge work in your house? Do you really want the drudgery of the office in your sanctuary?

Or do you prefer doping something that you enjoy? Developing something that will appreciate in value over the next few years? Even continually increasing in value for as long as you own it?

These are some ideas I ask you to consider as you continue with me in this short journey.

So it begins, the downsides of a work-from-home job and the benefits of a brandable web presence (home business).

The Downside of Work-From-Home Jobs

Generally speaking, work-from-home jobs on the job boards or Craigs List don’t make that much money. You are looking at three figures up to $18/hr. And who knows what the work volume is going to be like. Also, some of these were 3rd party couriers…and some “jobs” were even medical experiments.

So really, there are really not that many truly at home opportunities that pay well…at least not without a degree. And even then, you would have had to develop enough trust with your boss to have remote work rights extended to you.

Usually, when you have a work-from-home job, you need some tools or some software in order to do the job. That means that your employer may be coming over to drop off some hardware. And if your job requires software, then expect the company IT man to come over and put the company gateway on your personal computer.

Now, are you willing to house this extra stuff if you need to? If you live in an apartment, will you have room to house this extra stuff? What will the apartment management think about the equipment lying around (if such equipment is required).

Are you thinking about Upwork, Fiverr, or E-Lance. I would recommend you don’t even bother. I tried that rout before, and it didn’t end well. the paltry pay is not worth the time investment. I spent 4 hrs+ a day for two weeks busting tail on Upwork…and I didn’t even clear $200. You would get better pay at McDonalds working for the same amount of time.

Uber and Lyft are a taxi service without the infrastructure. Courtesy of Pixabay.

And do you really want to bring an activity that you don’t even care about…and probably even loathe into your living environment? I hope not… Why would you want to bring that kind of mess into your living environment? It’s not healthy at all. Can we say toxic living environment.

If you are thinking about Uber and Lyft, you might want to re-think that idea. Most of these drivers under-estimate their expenses when they start the taxi alternative businesses. Many larger Municipalities are also starting to assess taxi taxes against Uber and Lyft drivers now as well. Just in case you wanted something else to worry about.

Finally, on the Uber and Lyft jobs, do you really want to let strangers into your personal vehicle. I personally have a problem with that from an Operational Security aspect. I don’t trust strangers in my car.

What if someone has something in my car that illegal that I don’t know about? I get pulled over, my car gets search after a dog starts barking. And that passenger left a “special gift” for me, intentional or not. Well, I now have a conviction. Yeah, I know…call me paranoid.

I’m not interested in that, and I’m sure you’re not, either.

The Benefits of a Brandable Web Presence

If you start a business online, you have the ability to do what you love. How, so you say? Well, no matter what your hobby or passion is, it usually has tools, equipment, or learning aids that go with it.

You can start an affiliate blog site writing blogs about your passion or hobby. Then every so often, you can put up a product review for a book or some equipment that enthusiasts would require to operate in that passion. Your job at that point would be to become the go-to expert in your passion/hobby…also known as your niche.

As you learn more about your niche, you would be posting more blogs based on the information that you have learned. It’s just that easy to build out a business based on something that you love.

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And wouldn’t you want something that you love in your house rather than something that you loathe?

Because of the structure of affiliate marketing, when someone makes money off your referral… Amazon, for instance… you make money as well. The amount of money you make is depends on the commissions agreed upon by you and the merchant, and how many times a purchase is made by using your affiliate link.

As you build out your website and gain more authority in the search engines, your website will become even more valuable. At one point, you may even have “competitors” in you niche coming to you wanting to partner up for certain deals. You may have outfitters and other product manufacturers wanting you to do a review of their product…and they will sponsor the review.

It’s amazing what can happen when you start to get authority in your given niche. You wouldn’t be about to develop these kinds of contacts if you are doing a work-from-home job. You can only get that done from an online authority site.

Finally, the greatest perk is that your website is a true asset. It actually has real monetary value in the marketplace. There are actually some people who have sold off their websites to other people for some pretty good mint. I have heard of a website on coffee selling for $45,000.00 USD. Again, you would not be able to do this with someone’s work-from-home job.

The Water’s Fine. Why Not Give an Online Presence a Try?

So you might be intrigued right now concerning the online website concept rather than taking on a work-from-home job. But the big question on the mind is probably “how much does this cost?”

Really, it costs a lot less than you think, and it is actually free to get up and started.

It’s also easy to get started. There is no need for a web master, nor do you need to learn HTML or JAVA code. Getting a website started today is as easy as a few clicks, if you use the right platform.

Become the authority of your online network with hard work. Courtesy of Pixabay.

But there is one downside to the authority website, if you want to call it a downside. Building an authority website takes hard work and commitment. And it may take a few months to get your first sale. It all depends on how well the pages rank. So you must persevere through the desert of no monetary gain for a little while like we all did.

In the same fashion, this is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. As mentioned above, it might take a few months before you make your first commission. You just have to be patient and continue to build out the site. My mentor Kyle didn’t make his first sale when he started for three solid months. But after that time, he started to gain momentum and took off.

Risking getting a little spiritual here, the universe wants to make sure that you want your success. So the universe will test you to see if you can persevere through the desert. When the universe knows that you are serious, it will step aside and let you have success. Show the universe that you are worthy and stick it out.

Now you might be wondering how to get started. Here is a review for Wealthy Affiliate (WA), the product that I recommend the most. just click the link and check it out for yourself. I think WA has the best hosting and the most comprehensive up-to-date training in the industry, and for a reasonable price. And, the price is the lowest price in the industry for the value provided.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comment section below. I respond to all my comments, usually withing 24 hours…sometimes 48 hours. But rest assured that I respond to all of my comments.

In closing, I wish you luck out there, no matter which path you choose.


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