Make Money Online Instantly. – Can We Say Surveys?

It’s simple and easy to make money online instantly.

These can get you some gas money. Courtesy of Andreas Breitling from Pixabay.

Google is your best friend, too.  After all, Google most likely led you to this article.

For instant money, you will want to go with surveys. There are four considerations with surveys, though:

  • Some surveys are instant surveys, some are not.
  • The surveys that are instantaneous don’t pay out much.
  • The surveys that do pay out decently usually require that you purchase a product to be reviewed.
  • Good money online doesn’t come instantly, it comes with hard work and focus.

Some surveys are instant surveys, some are not.

There is one type of survey that is instantly given. These are demographic surveys.

Demographic surveys collect information about a person… Gender, age, income, etc.

These surveys usually take about 30 minutes to fill out and they pay you immediately to your account on the survey website.

The other type of survey out there is a Product Survey. These are surveys you take when you use and review a product.

These surveys are not instantaneous because you have to wait for the product to arrive at your house, then you have to use the product so you can complete the survey.

The nice thing about product surveys is they do pay out much better than demographic surveys.

Instant surveys don’t pay out much money.

One problem with these surveys is that they don’t pay out much at all… Usually only $1-$5 dollars. It’s usually enough for a gallon or two in the gas tank. You will have to fill out a few of these surveys just to fill the gas tank up.

At least you are being paid $10 per hour if you get one of these demographic surveys that pays on the high end. The problem with that is the payouts on the high end are rare. So you are left making $2 per hour filling one of these types of surveys out.

That’s less than minimum wage, my friend.

Does filling out these surveys really look like it will work for you?

This is what you will make with surveys. CVourtesy of TR=homas Breher from Pixabay.

Another problem with these surveys There are only so many you can take over a certain period. If you take the same survey over and over, you ruin the data for those collecting it.

The survey sites will track your IP address and/or your account to determine which surveys you have already taken. If you have already taken a survey, you will not be allowed to take it again. Maybe you can take it next month or three months from that point.

If you face this issue of limited demographic surveys, then you will be limited on how much money you can pull…usually not even $100.

Something to be aware of.

Product surveys usually require you to purchase the product.

I said previously you can take product surveys. These surveys usually pay out more money. The problem is that you have to purchase the product to be surveyed.

This is part of why the payouts can be so big. They are compensating you for the purchase as well as your time and information.

The reason for purchasing the product, the company wants to see how easy their buying process is.

Is their website confusing? How easy was it to pay for the product? How long did it take you to get the product after it was ordered?

This is some information the companies are looking for. So you will have no idea how to answer unless you buy the product yourself.

This is the reason you are paid much more for product surveys. To compensate for your purchase and for your time.

So really, once you account for recouping your cost for the purchased product, you probably aren’t doing much better than you were with the demographic surveys.

In my opinion, surveys are a complete waste of time.

Good money online doesn’t come instantly, it comes from hard work and focus.

This comes with dedication to one theme over time. Courtesy of Publicdomainpictures from Pixabay.

As mentioned before, surveys might only be able to get you gas money, then there are only so many surveys to go around.

I really want something that’s has a better income guarantee than surveys. Something that will bring in lots of money with time and dedication.

We live in an instant gratification culture today. Most people want their money now, and they want to do as little work as possible to get it.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the good money doesn’t come instantly. If you are trying to play that game, you will be sadly disappointed.

The good money comes with dedication and focus to one idea over time.

The easiest way to develop the online presence is affiliate marketing. With Affiloiate Marketing, you review a product on your website and drive people to that review by other online articles.

If you decide to do affiliate marketing, I suggest you start with a hobby or interest. Starting this way will turn your “work” into something you enjoy. You will stick with your website for the duration if you enjoy the work.

If you start with your hobby, you have the benefit of already having equipment to review. You can get started with little money upfront. Once you have money coming in from your website, you can start acquiring other equipment to review and promote through your articles.

Eventually, you will have a money making machine, and you can eventually sell the website off for a small fortune (if you wanted to).

If you’re interested in learning how to make good money in the long run, not not just a quick fix… I recommend you check this out. This is a review of the platform I used to learn how to do affiliate marketing. They will teach you everything you need to know to be an effective affiliate marketer.

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Sean Monahan


  1. Honestly, I never liked the idea of making money from doing surveys. 

    I have a dozen of them, but only a few were worth it, in my opinion. 
    I mean being constantly in front of the PC and at the end of a day your earnings equal to $2.50?  Come on – I said to myself, no more. 

    I am off for something better and it seems to me that affiliate marketing might be the right path. 

    • Yeah, the survey stuff didn’t even amount to $30.00 over a two week period.  And it all seemed like a grind, too.

      Now, affiliate marketing can feel like a grind at times, but at least you’re working in a niche that you enjoy working in.  It’s not a bunch of survey responding.

      Thanks for the comment and good luck with the affilaite marketing avenue.

  2. I such agree with you on the fact that good money online doesn’t come quick, it comes with hard work and time  so if you’re looking into making a lot of money online, get rich quick shouldn’t be your idea.  Surveys are very good, sole can be very annoying in what they pay likewise some can be so fulfilling, It depends on the offer. Thanks for sharing

    • First, thanks for the comment.

      Absolutely, making money online takes time and dedication.

      I could agree that surveys could work if you’re doing a survey on a product that’s in your niche… If you have a promotional website..

      You can create a double whammie.  You can fill out the survey to get the payout, then you can write a review so you can get paid for years to come.

      That is definitely a way to approach it.  Thanks for the thought.  I still think that in general, there iare better way to make money, though. 

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