Make Money Online For Free-It’s Doable…

Make money online for free. Now isn’t that the dream? You just sit back and wait for your automatic online cash machine to spit out money.

So you want this for free? Courtesy of Joel Santana at Pixabay.

This is doable, but the problem is that making money without paying money will take a lot of time.

One thing I have leaned from my time on the internet…you either need to spend money or time. And you will usually spend a lot more time than money.

Consider this, you can get money back in numerous ways. You can’t get back time. Every second that goes by is a second of you life that you will never get back.

First, since you want to make money for free so badly…

Here is a free method of making money online…

Just pick up the online e-book “Confessions of an Online Hustler” by Matt Forney. This book is free if you go to his website and sign up for his newsletter.

This book can be a little crass and low brow at times. So if that bugs you, you may want to pass on this free way of making money online.

Matt covers the following topics in the book:

  • free web hosts (I have the perfect one for you)
  • paid web hosts
  • a way to find interesting topics to write about on your free website
  • how to get traffic by networking in the bloggosphere
  • how to monetize your blog
  • a very specific technique to gin up a high volume of traffic in a short period.
  • how to protect yourself from haters
  • how to make the most money from low-ticket items
  • and more…

Matt recommends you use free accounts to start with. He will also tell you that if you want money, you are better off just going and applying to Mc. Donald’s or some other minimum wage job.

I think it really depends on what you’re selling and the volume you bring in as to if you need a minimum wage job or not.

For example, if I’m selling a product for $100, get a $4 commission and I need to make $4000/mo, then I would have to sell 1000 of this product. On the other hand, if I sell something for $10 and get a $0.40 commission, then I would have to sell 10,000 of those.

Sell this and still make ends meet. Courtesy of Foundry Co from Pixabay.

Here is the way around the low income for information selling.

Usually, your $10 sales will be books on your topic of choice. Books seem to be the easiest things to sell, but they don’t pay well.

The trick to this is to write your own book. There are other options for those who are not into writing projects that are that large.

You can make video or audio programs. Just fire up a video recorder, or open up that audio recorder on your computer, and start recording yourself giving information. It’s that simple.

You can publish your books through Amazon.com or put your video/audio course up on Gumroad.com. Then you can be making anywhere between $10-$50+.

With $10-$50 you only have to sell to between 80-400 people to make your $4000/month. That seems much more doable.

And Matt Forney will teach you how to do that in his free e-book.

There is another way…

There is another way to get the job done, and you can START for free. This way will give you a free starter sub-domain blog so that you can start building a website for free.

You will learn how to structure your website for free, and have your first free piece of content to post before you even get out of the free portion.

What you get here is far more than you would get anywhere else. Many people see the value and go on to the paid service so they can get more out of their website.

And with this alternative, you can get help whenever you need it for the FIRST WEEK for free (usually a paid feature).

This means that you can have your questions answered, usually within minutes. You won’t have this benefit with Matt Forney’s book…and you get it for the first week free.

With all that being said, money makes the difference.

Bottom line, this is what we’re after. Courtesy of Nikolay Frolochkin from Pixabay.

Sure, you can make money online for free, but the bottom line is money makes the difference. Putting money down to learn how to get online promotion done right is not an expenditure…it’s an investment in yourself and in your business.

With the internet, it might be possible to make money with no money. But with money, you learn the tips and tricks to get more people clicking on your links, which ultimately means you make more money.

With money, you can also invest in a decent keyword research tool (that doesn’t limit the number of keywords you can research).

Money will also allow you to get your own private domain and hosting for that domain. And it’s a well-known fact that private domains rank much better than free sub-domain sites within Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Finally, when using WordPress, there are thousands of free themes to choose from, but once you get to a certain size, there is a benefit to getting a paid premium theme.

No matter what, you will be shelling out money to exist online anyway. So in the long run, making money online without money is a myth, though it’s theoretically doable in the short term.

My final thoughts on making money online for free.

I think that starting out, it’s a good idea to get a free sub-domain site to get the ball rolling. Get your site set-up the way you want it and get your first bit of content up on your site.

But I think that you should be moving away from the free stuff and onto a paid private domain name as soon as possible. First, private domains rank better than sub-domains.

Second, for as long as you keep the domain fee paid up, your domain is YOURS. You don’t have to stay within a posting policy  You post what you want and how you want.

If you want the best program to move you through these stages to a completed website that gets seen, I recommend you check this out.

And remember, there’s a reason why Confessions of an Online Hustler is free now when Matt used to charge $19.95 for it. Matt was afraid that the Google updates had made the book obsolete when he made it free.

I think that with the online networking, it pretty much circumvents the search engines, but your traffic would be limited to your niche. Maybe that’s a good thing, but there may be people that are looking for what you have to offer that may not get your message.

To get to those people, I recommend that you check out my top recommendation here.

If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to leave them below. I always respond to comments.

Finally, good luck out there, no matter where you end up.

Sean Monahan


  1. The beauty of technology these days when it come s to earning money is that there are countless ways to do it that do not overlap each other so that makes it easier to decide which to go with or if possible, more than one. Be it through affiliate marketing, blogging or survey site, the ways of making money increases and all you need is the will to act. 

    • Hey Beesean.  Thanks for the comment.  It’s appreciated.  I agree.  There are many ways to make money online.  the thing is that the amount you make is still comparative to the amount you spend.  As I mentioned…you can either spend time or money to get that money-making platform working.  It just depends on which one you want to spend more of.  Thanks for the comment Beesean, and have a great day.

  2. Everybody at a time like this wouldn’t mind to find means to be able to make some money online in a legitimate way and the fact that you are able to share information on how to make some money online is really good. I’m really happy that you’re able to give this nice information because it will give me the chance to try to make some money online. Since it is doable, I’m going to do it. Thank you very much!

    • I couldn’t agree more, Suz.  If this forshnickety bug want to make it difficult for people to find a job, then people should make their own jobs.  The only thing is that this method takes hard work and dedication.  It might be three months before you get your first sale.  You have to be willing to accept that before you start. But if you accept that, then you will make it.  Thanks for the comment Suz, and have a great day.

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