Legit Work From Home Jobs – Are There Any?

So are there any legit work from home jobs anymore?

Work From Home

So do you really want to work from home
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Sure there are, but these jobs generally don’t pay much…at least in the beginning. Once you build some credibility in a given industry and platform, you can make some somewhat decent bank. But until then, you will pretty much be making money for a night on the town or for gas. Nothing to write home about.

A couple methods of making money online are legit. They are online freelancing sites and 3rd party public transportation services like Uber and Lyft. They have their benefits and their set-backs, which I will go into below.

But really, if you want to make money, you should just get a full-time job…or if you need to be home most of the time for some reason, then you should get a part-time job. You will make more money in the short-run (and probably even the long-haul, as well).

But there is also another option that I will discuss as well, in a few minutes.

Working On Freelancing Sites.

The first option up is the online freelancing sites that are out there. There are three big ones. They are Ffiver, Upwork, and E-Lance.

Upwork LogoThe way they work is “employers will post jobs that they need completed…as well as the pay-out and the terms of the project. You would apply to work on the project just like you would apply for a job. It’s just that the application isn’t as in-depth as for a “real” job.

If the client accepts your bid, then you get the job. You will be paid at the end of the project. I forget how the money is made (it’s been so long since I have worked on one of these sites), but I know that in general, it’s free to bid on jobs and accept work that is offered by clients.

The problem is with the pay-outs. There are plenty of jobs that pay out decent ($45), but most pay out $2.50/hr or $5-$15 per project. The problem is that you will have to start out with these low-paying jobs and work your way up to the higher-paying jobs.

And you will also have to keep the quality of your work high while keeping the time commitments that you made to your clients. This will keep your ratings up (as you are rated by your clients). The high ratings with the low-paying clients will add to your clout over time for the higher-paying clients.

And the higher paying clients are where you will be making the serious bank.

As I’m sure you can see, it’s going to take a lot of time and effort on your part to make online freelancing a profitable venture. But there are other options that are available for you as well.

Do People Even Make Money From Uber And Lyft?

You can always do Uber or Lyft.


Do yoiu really want to turn your car into one of these?
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These companies turn you into a taxi service. When people need a lift, you go pick them up and drop them off . It’s as easy as that.

There are some costs to consider. And these costs are what make Uber and Lyft barely break-even ventures.

You have to continually put gas in your car. After all, without gas, you aren’t going anywhere, and you aren’t going to be taking anyone anywhere, either.

You also have general maintenance. You have to changing the oil every 3000-5000 miles, rotate/balance and changing the tires. Things like this. And you will have to do the maintenance work more often because you are putting more miles on your car.

Another consideration is licensing fees and taxes. Most major cities these days are getting smart to Uber, Lyft and other similar outfits. These outfits are taking money from the taxi companies, and that is lost revenue for the city through taxes and licensing.

So now most cities are requiring that Uber and Lyft drivers have to pay licensing fees/taxes for operating within their jurisdiction. If you don’t then you could be subject to fines, court costs, and other nasty thing like that.

And now we get to the most practical point. Do you really want strangers in your personal car? You don’t know the background of these people. Some might leave you little gifts in the back of the car that could land you in trouble with the law. Some could have violent backgrounds. And at the very least, do you think a stranger is going to take care of back of your car?

These are some things to consider when looking at Uber or Lyft for some extra money. And after looking at this list of vehicle-devaluing activities and constant maintenance… I don’t think it’s worth it. And I definitely don’t want strangers riding in my car.

It Might Be Worth More Your While To Get A Part-Time Job…

Part-Time Work

Maybe one of these options might be better for you.
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If you really need the money, and you are able to leave the house, I would recommend just getting a part-time job. You can make more at a part-time job (or even going back into the full-time workforce) than working a work from home job.

And the best part about the part-time job…if you need to be back home for the kids when they get back from school, you can arrange that. On part-time work applications, you can write down the hours that you can work, and the employers are usually willing to give you those hours.

And the best part of part-time work is that if you are not the best self-starter, then it is structured. You are told when to be at work and when you leave. And when you get there, the shift manager will tell you where you are needed.

So don’t forget about the part-time job option. It might work for your situationl

Have You Cosidered Working For Yourself?

Finally, there is a third option. You can always work for yourself. This option is perfect for the self-starter and the action-taker. You have to be willing to get the job done, and not stop until it is. If this is you, then a home business may be for you.

First you have to realize that you may not make money right from the get-go when you are getting started. You have to establish your foundation, no matter what you’re doing. So don’t expect to hang up our shingle and watch the money roll in immediately.

But once you build that foundation and get established, you can make far more bank than those freelance sites and non-taxi services could ever provide you.

But if you want to look into what I’m doing for an internet home-based business, then just click here and read my review.

Or you could just do a Google on home-business ideas and see what comes up.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Also, if you have had work-from-home or home business successes, I want to hear about it. Put that down below as well. I read all comments and respond to them as well…usually within 24-48 hours.

I wish you well, and good luck out there…whatever you decide to do.


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