How To Sell Ebooks Online-It’s Simple As Pie!

This is how to sell books online…the easy way.

Courtesy of Pexels from Pixabay.

I didn’t say it would be the fastest way… I said the easy way.

This method works very well if you’re the author of the book, or if you’re just promoting the book as an affiliate marketer. It’s really all done the same way.

The difference is that the author gets the full cut where the affiliate marketer gets a percentage of the sales price.

One last note. I guess this method could work with fiction, but it truly works the best with non-fiction topics.

The reason is you are building up a fantasy world in fiction, and you will have to promote that fantasy world online. If, on the other hand, your book is a non-fiction book, you can promote online based on the genre that you’re writing in.

So this is how the promotional side (and selling side) is done:

Build your website(s)

The first step is to build your website(s). You may have one or two, depending on how you’re offering the book.

If the book is being sold through a third party. A third party is someone other than you is selling the book and your website is promoting the book. Examples of these sites are Amazon (Kindle), Barnes and Noble (Nook), or Clickbank (PDF e books).

With this type of arrangement, you will only need one website to promote your book(s).

By the way, using third party platforms is the best way, in my opinion. This method allows you more offering flexibility (use of an e-reader) than using your own platform…and you don’t have to apply for a merchant gateway account (you need one to collect credit/debit card information).

If you are selling your books yourself. If you are selling your own books, you will need two web sites. One with the merchant plug-in so you can sell your books. The other for your promotional website.

You might be able to merge the two together, but I think it would be easier to have two different websites. That is also the way I actually see it done most of the time online.

Here are the steps to building your website(s):

This is the overall diagram we are following.

1) Find a web host: The first thing on the agenda is to find a web host. This will be the company that gives your website a home on the internet.

There are a few web hosts out there to choose from…godaddy.com, hostgator.com, wix.com, and squarespace.com come to mind.

But the one I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. Wealthy Affiliate might be more expensive than the other guys, but I find that you get what you pay for.

Wealthy Affiliate provides hosting for 10 private domain websites with the monthly membership, and they start you off with all the features and plug-ins that you will need to make your website SEO optimized, right from the beginning.

2) Buy your domain name: In order to do business online, you need to have a private domain. And most of the web hosts today have their sites set up where you can register for domain names.

Now with that registration comes a fee. It’s not that much for a “.com”, but you get into some more exotic domain suffixes, it can get more expensive. Most “.com” domain suffixes usually go for about $15.00/year to start.

Wealthy Affiliate has the domain registration offer as well….and here’s the best part. Most of the other web hosts will start boosting the price of the domain on you as you accrue more time with the domain. But Wealthy Affiliate guarantees that what you initially pay for your domain is what you will always pay to renew the registration.

There is no Registration price-hike with Wealthy Affiliate domain registrations.

3) Set up your website: You’re almost done with the website building. The next step is to set up your website. Here you will set up the title of your website, link your domain name to your website, and select a theme for your website (how the website looks on the screen).

This is pretty much a cookie-cutter process. You just go through and fill in the requested information. The only part that is not boilerplate in the process (for most web hosts) is the theme.

Build your website. Not that complicated. Courtesy of Lawrence Monk from Pixabay.

For most web hosts, you will either have to use the stock theme that is given to you (Word Press Twenty-Twenty, for instance), or you will have to go search for one that you like.

This is another area where Wealthy Affiliate’s web hosting is Heads and Shoulders above the competition. Wealthy Affiliate offers over 3000 different themes to choose from with your web hosting account. You don’t get that with the other guys.

You can even favorite (bookmark) themes that you like, so you don’t have to scroll through all the themes to get to the ones you like. This function is a big time-saver.

4) Build the website: After you have everything in the set-up stage the way you like it, just click the finalization button, and the web host takes care of the rest. But that’s the tricky part.

Some web hosts take up to two hours to build, finalize, and “populate” the website. Others take just a couple minutes.

Two that take just a couple minutes are Wealthy Affiliate, and hostgator.com.

I do have a problem with hostgator.com, though. I used them not too long ago.  When I did, they had a formatting issue with my website. They were putting dummy links that looked like admin links on the top menu of my website. These links were visible to the public.

The links didn’t go anywhere. But it really killed the professional look of the site. I was extremely disappointed in that glitch.

I have never had that problem with Wealthy Affiliate. I only recommend them so much for the hosting because they are the only web host that I have never had any major problems with. As I said…you get what you pay for, and I get no headaches from Wealth Affiliate.

Now that your site is built…

Build your site. Coutesy of Werner Moser from Pixabay.

Time to develop the traffic…

Now that you have your website(s) built and your product loaded onto your sales site (wpsculptor channel on youtube has some awesome content on building sales sites), it’s time to start driving traffic to your book(s).

This task is simple.

1) Write a review for each book that you offer: You will write a review for each book that you offer. The most important thing… You need to make the review balanced. It can’t be a ra, ra fest over your book.

Everything (yes, even your book) has some downsides to it. If you can’t find the downsides, see if you can find them in the responses from your review copies. You might even find some downsides from notes from your editor(s) (you did use at least one…didn’t you?).

You don’t want your review for your book to sound like roses . The review will sound too canned and people will be less inclined to click on the links to your store.

At the end of each review, you will put the link to the sales page for your book so the reader can click on the link to go buy. After all, you want sales, right?

2) Write blog articles that links back to your review(s). Now you are going to write a lot of blog articles that will link back to the book review(s). These articles should be using long-tail keywords. The reason is it’s a lot easier to be a big fish in a small blue pond, than a small fish in a big red ocean.

So target long-tail keywords with your blog posts until your web site gets large enough and and has online “authority”, then you can start writing for the bigger keywords.

If all this sounds complicated, it isn’t…

The best part is… if you get your web hosting with Wealthy Affiliate, they have a whole finishing school that teaches you how to do all this stuff, and it’s included with your web hosting fee.

No matter what, you are covered at Wealthy Affiliate. The other guys, not so much.

From here, just wait for the money to flow in…

There’s not much to say about this step. Just enjoy the cash that flows in.

But there is one thing. Don’t let this be your one-shot wonder. Go on to your next project.

The book you have up now might sell for years. Then it might get ripped off to a torrent in the next six months.

So get the next book written, and then you can just rense-lather-repeat.

This is how to sell and e-book in a nutshell. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below. I enjoy comments and answer all of them.

I wish you good luck and happy writing…as well as money collecting.


Sean Monahan


  1. Its really a nice idea to go into selling stuff online and for so many of my joy be easy, but the truth remains that in affiliate marketing, you’ll need all the training you can get and with these things in place, you can make some real moment of progress in business. I really like how you’ve made seeking ebooks, online easy and it means a lot to me. 

    • Hey Justin.  Thanks for the comment.  I really appreciate it.  The thing with e-books is that you either need a good commission program for them (like you get on Clickbank), you have to MASSIVELY promote them via blog posts, or you have to write them yourself, then promote them.  And i am glad that you find the post meaningful.  That’s part of why I run this website.  Again, thanks for your comment Justin and have a great day.

  2. Hello,

    Loved this article! As you said, it’s the easiest way to sell a book that you’re talking about not the fastest one. We always want to have quick things, ignoring that building a business actually requires time, discipline, and dedication. I also liked the fact that you underlined that every book has shortcomings and can’t be perfect. As for website hosting I agree with you on WA but I didn’t know about hostgastor. Everyone is talking about it and how cheap it is, but I didn’t know that it doesn’t take formats into account in a proper way.

    Thanks for sharing, I really appreciated.


    • Hey Elodie.  Hostgator is just really quarky.  Some themes tend to work without a hitch, and others have certain problems.  I guess that’s to be expected for $11.95/month.  But with Wealthy Affiliate web hosting, everything is just more streamlined.  as to the hard work, time and dedication, I have found that anything good that comes to you in life comes with those three ingredients.  I really believe that 95% of the “scams” out there are products that are marketed as quick fixes but really take hard work, time, and dedication.  They really do work, but the three magic ingredients need to be added, and most people today aren’t willing to add them.  That’s what sets the successful apart from thos who aren’t.  Anyway, I’ll get off my soapbox.  Thanks for the comment Elodie, and good luck out there.  Have a great day. 

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