Building Out A Web Site Can Be Fairly Clunky.

Building out your website can be a fairly clunky affair. The reason is you have many pages that you may have already developed. Many of these posts can make mention of a topic that you want to ellaborate on… Or can hint to that topic.

You have to write an article on this topic, then go through all your posts and see where this article can sensibly be back-linked through.

But the real question is… Why go through all this effort. Is it really necessary?

  • You can go in depth in certain topics that are found in other posts
  • Google likes you more and ranks you better.

You can go in depth in certain topics that are found in other posts.

You want blog topics that are referring to topics in other blog posts. This allows you to go into greater depth in some topics that you weren’t able to write more about in the original posts. Mainly because you didn’t want to bog down the message of the first post.

Now you have the opportunity to write in depth on a topic that you weren’t able to in an earlier post.

For example… Let’s say you write a review on a pressure cooker. You mentioned something about the gasket in the pressure cooker lid. You want to write about how pressure cooker gaskets work, but you know that it will slow down the pace of the review.

This is the perfect opportunity to write an article to go in-depth on pressure cooker gaskets. You don’t even have to keyword target the post if you don’t want to, and it can be a shorter article. You are just giving more information on pressure cooker gaskets.

One thing I like about these shorter topics is that people don’t have to read as much to get to the end of the post, and you can put any offer you like at the end of the article.

Another big benefit of interlink articles to help build out your website is…

Google likes you more and ranks you better.

Google likes to see links in your website that leads back to even more material on your website.

The reason is Google sees your material as having value. If you are linking between posts, that means what your talking about may have depth. So much depth that you need multiple interlinked posts to get your point across.

Google likes material that interlinks with other material on your site.
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Google – being an information providing company – loves providing posts that are information dense. Because of this, you will be more likely to rank higher in the Google Searches overall.

So, interlinking your posts is something that Google loves. Thus it is something that you should be doing.

In Conclusion

You should be interlinking your blog posts within your site. Usually this is done by writing posts that elaborate on topics within other posts.

If you want the in-depth way to do this, I recommend you check this out. This training program has a whole lesson in their core training on how to pull off the interlink method of building out your site.

At the end of their program, you’re going to have a professional-looking site that will convert for you for years to come.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below. I appreciate all comments that are left and will respond to them.

And I wish you luck out there, wherever you end up on the internet.

Sean Monahan

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