Building A Website Can Be Clunky.

Building a website can be clunky.

This article is not meant to scare you away. The concept is actually very simple, it’s just that most web hosts make it harder than it needs to be.

This is how you will look after dealing with themes from the typical web host. Courtesy of Gurd Altmann from Pixabay.

Really, all web hosts make the first couple steps easy. Picking the domain name and titling your website are universal. The snag comes when you’re picking the theme.

For those of you who don’t know what a theme is… the theme determines how the website will look from a visitors point of view.

From here I will cover:

  • Why theme selection is difficult with most web hosts
  • Why Wealthy Affiliate streamlines the theme selection process

Why theme selection is difficult with most web hosts.

Usually when most web hosts build your site, they just use the current year edition of the WordPress theme. This is fine, I guess… But what is you want a theme with a different look to it? What if you want a theme with more functionality?

You have to go onto the theme section of WordPress and actually hunt for a theme. If you can’t find a theme you like (or the theme you’re looking for), you have to go out on the internet to find it.

Once you find the theme and get it activated in the WordPress control panel, you had better hope that it works well with the web host. I had a web host put dummy admin links in the top part of my website not too long ago. I think it was the web host because I am using the same theme here, and no such dummy admin links exist on my current site.

I have found that most web hosts out there are just a headache to work with. They will provide all this mess with themes that they don’t start you with, and then when you call, they say “get with your webmaster.” Very disappointing.

After this experience, I started using Wealthy Affiliate. They really do take all the hassle out of find the right theme and formatting it correctly on your website.

Why Wealthy Affiliate streamlines the theme selection process.

There are thousands more themes where these came from.

Wealthy Affiliate does what no other web host in the industry does. They actually have a library of over 3000 themes that you can select from… During the building process. The hardest part is finding the one that you want to use so you can finish the build process.

The big problem with the large selection is paralysis by analysis. So I recommend just finding one of the first 20 or so and going with it.

Once you find one that you like, you can save it to a favorites page. When you start another website, you can start picking themes from your favorites page instead of having to go through the whole library to find a theme. Knocks down on the analysis paralysis issue.

All WordPress themes will format correctly on Wealthy Affiliate’s system. You will not have to worry about dummy admin links or other crazy stuff appearing on your site. Your site will always look professional, every time.

Finally, you will have training available to you so you can turn your site into a money-making machine, and the training comes with your web hosting fee.

For a full review of Wealthy Affiliate, click here.

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Sean Monahan

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