Base Your Business on Something You Enjoy Doing!

Are you freaking out at your job? Picture courtesy of Lucasbiari at Pixabay.

You go through enough garbage already on a daily basis. You sit there doing work you hate after you earned a degree in something you didn’t like doing. And then you have the jerk of a boss that harasses you day after day.

Don’t you want to get away from this mess? Isn’t this the reason you want to start a home business?

Here are three ways that you can make sure that you are in a business that you will love to operate in.

Pick a Hobby or Interest to work in.

Who said you can’t work in your hobby?

“There’s no money in that.” “How do you plan to make money in that?”

Blah, blah, blah. Most of these poeple have never tried working in their hobby before…well, at least not in the digital age.

It’s very possible to make money in what you enjoy doing-in the digital age. Have you ever heard of WordPress? How about YouTube? Maybe even Soundcloud? or even Paypal?

You might be wondering that all these tech giants have to do with you. That’s very simple…

You can blog your way to financial independence. Courtesy of Pixelcreatures from Pixabay.

You can blog, vlog, or have a podcast of your own!

You can sign up for any one of these services. You can put your voice out there and be heard.

You can also share your opinion about products in your niche to your audience,.

Such platforms are a great start, and as your content grows, you will be seen as an authority within your niche. You will see this by the value and the large amount of visitors to your site.

Finally, you can monetize your audience

Here’s where the money is made.

You can review products that are in your niche. Let people know what’s good quality and what they should stay away from (and why). You have the authority built by this point that your audience will listen to your advice.

Even better (and the pinnacle of the affiliate marketer, by the way) is the creation of your own product. This can be anything. It can be a book, video or audio course, or some sort of monthly subscription program. It’s totally up to you.

And obviously, you will be writing a review of your own product to promote on your blog site. How do you expect to get traffic if you don’t?

The other way of making money is asking for donations from time to time. You can use Paypal for that. Just set up Paypal to take donations, put the link in the description of your Soundcloud/YouTube posts and you’re set. Granted, you won’t get much that way, but it’s still something.

In Conclusion

Since most of this system relies on affiliate marketing, here is a link to the review for the guys that taught me. I highly recommend them.

I have NEVER had an instance where they have led me in the wrong direction. Their training is always spot on and clear. The best part is, if you have a question, there are numerous ways to get them answered. Including messaging the owners themselves.

But other than that, I will let the review do the talking.

If you have a question or a comment, be sure to leave them in the comment section below. I appreciate all my commenters, and get back to all comments.

I wish you luck, no matter where you go for your online business needs.

Sean Monahan


  1. Starting an online business, one needs to be careful the line they pick and many people do not understand that it means to go into a business doing what they like.  Picking a niche is the most sensitive part of a business because it will be a long flight with you and you’ll not want to get tired of your niche half way. 

    • Thanks for the comment Justin. It just stinks to select a niche that you can’t get into. It’s the same as doing something you don’t like for a JOB. The bottom line is if I wanted to work in something that I didn’t like…I would just keep a JOB. Thanks for the comment Justin and have a great day.

  2. Hello There! Thank you for sharing this with me. Every entrepreneur needs to go through this post as you sincerely brought out the main points. From experiences,  It is very easy especially on social medias to market and control any business thats related with what you love as ideas will come at ease and locating the right audience wont be a problem.

    • Hey Evagreen.  I agree.  Thoughts do come easily if you’re writing on a topic you enjoy.  It’s also more of a joy to write about those topics as well.  It’s not as much of a chore to get in front of the keyboard and write.  Good luck out there evagreen and thanks for the comment.  Have a great day.

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