AWAI Copywriting Scam-The Truth Comes Out!

There are some people out there that call AWAI a scam. The stones are generally thrown at their 6-Figure Accelerated Copywriting Course. The only problem is that other copywriters online recommend them wholeheartedly. So the question is “is there really an AWAI Copywriting Scam?”

I would argue not.

But first…The breakdown:

Product: AWAI Accelerated 6-Figure Copywriting Course.

Product Website: AWAI.com

Owner: Katie Yakle (Executive Director)
Price: $497.00
Rank: 4.25-5

As someone who looked into copywriting a while back, I was interested to see what was actually in the AWAI Copywriting Program. So I bought. When I opened it and started going through it, I had the same view as many of the others that have gone through the program.

The first assignment (really, the first three assignments) were to read top-selling sales letters 10 times and copy them three times. Don’t worry, the sales letters are only two pages long.

At first, I thought these people had done flipped their gourds. What the hell was I going to learn by reading and writing sales letters over and over again?

But I went on in faith and did it anyway. After all, it’s one of the titans of the U.S. copywriters…The great Mark Morgan Ford (AKA Michael Masterson) giving the assignment. So what did I learn?

the answer… A lot,

Truly great copywriting will sink into your mind because you have mirrored what a great writer had written (three times to boot).

And if you let the process work, you will learn a lot from the Accelerated 6-Figure Copywriting Program as well.

One more thing before we move on. AWAI also offers a job platform where you can apply for jobs. Most of the postings require some experience from the copywriter, so I don’t really don’t know how valuable that job board would be to someone just finishing the Accelerated 6-figure course, but it is there.


AWAI’s FAQ link in their Help and Support area.


There’s a whole section for support in the main page of the customer portal. The portal has an FAQ for general, frequent questions.

If the FAQ doesn’t help you, then you can contact AWAI by email or live chat. They will get with you in the order received for live chat or as quickly as possible with email.

You can also call AWAI during normal business hours from 8:30 AM-5:00 PM EST. The phone numbers are provided on the customer platform website.

The last time I checked, scammers don’t voluntarily put their phone numbers out like that. And when they are dialing out, the scammers will usually make their numbers private or unlisted.

So the support aspect that I see with AWAI  makes the company a legit broker.


As far as the content is concerned, the Accelerated 6-figure program is set up into 5 parts.

Part 1: Part one covers the possibilities of being a Direct Response copywritier. This covers everything from what you can expect to make to the fringe benefits of being a copywriter.

You will also (and most importantly) learn what a Copywritier is and the five traits that a person should have to pursue copywriting.

Part 2: In part two, you learn about emotions and how to use them in a sales letter, as well as learn about letter structure. You learn why research is so valuable and where to conduct your research. You learn how to develop a tickle file quickly, and you write your first assignment for your portfolio…The restaurant letter.

Part 3: Part three is where the rubber meats the road. This is where you learn the nuts and bolts for structuring your letter. At the end of this part, you get the information required to finish the course project. The course project, of course, will be added to your portfolio.

Part 4: This part is all about niches. There are two ways to look at this. The first niche is the type of writing/work you will be doing. In other words, do you want to do Direct Response Marketing. Landing Page Writing. Or Website audits (and there are even more work niches to choose from).

The second way to come about this…what field do you want to operate in. In other words, do you want to operate in the financial, healthcare, or self-help fields (and again, there are plenty of others to choose from).

The only problem that I have here is that AWAI actively encourage (in my opinion) copywriters to get into visual design as well. I don’t like that idea. I think creative people should specialize and focus on their primary art. Leave the other side to the specialists over there.

This specialization allows for greater growth in your specialized area.

As the old saying goes…The Jack of all Trades is good at none.

Now getting off the soap box.

When you blend the two types of niches together…your form of work and the industry you will operate in, its time for…

Part 5: In this part, you will learn numerous techniques for finding clients. This encompasses everything from Networking. Cold Calling. Blogging. And anything else in between. There is a form of marketing in here for everyone.

There are even charts within this section that show what methods are good for extroverted or introverted people. And also people that have money to burn and those that don’t.

So AWAI’s Accelerated 6-figure Copywriting Course does do what they promise to do. They will train you on how to be a direct-response copywriter. The question is do you have the will to make it through the assignments.


AWAI’s contact Us link in their Help and Support area.

For what you get in the training mentioned above, and the level of support (and timely support) that AWAI provides… I think that the program is worth every dollar of the $497 price tag.

After all, once you finish the program and get working, your first assignment should make the money back for you, no problem.

As for guarantees…there is a 30 day money back guarantee on this program, but unfortunately, there is no try-it-before-you-but-it program on this product.

Here’s what I am actually doing, which does give you a try it before you but it offer.  You can try it out for free, and if you’ve found value in the free material, you can go Premium…and it’s less expensive than the AWAI Accelerated 6-Figure Course.

My Opinion

Most of the scam complaints seem to come from people that just don’t want to put in the work.

They think it’s a waste of effort to copy those sales letters. And, by the way, that’s seems to be the biggest complaint.

Another issue is that there is a large drop-out rate in AWAI. Well, Direct-Response Copywriting isn’t easy. Whoever told you that was selling you something.

But my opinion is that the AWAI Accelerated 6-figure Copywriter Program is not a scam. The field is just not as easy as people think it is. And many people just end up washing out for whatever reason.

If you have any thoughts or comments about WAAI Accelerated 6-Figure Copywriting Course, please leave them below. I respond to all comments, Until next time, good luck to you in your business ventures.

Sean Monahan


  1. This is a very wonderful post on this platform. This awal copywriting platform that you spoke about looks like a good one to me but all in all, I think it is nice that you can bring the truth out about it. It is always good to read a review from a person who have personally bought into a platform and when a platform has a strong support section like this, then it is worthy of good ratings.

    • Hey Suz.  Thanks for the comment. I agree with you.  Everybody wants to hit other reviews and then type their own review up.  Meanwhile, the the actual product usually isn’t even represented correctly.  I believe that if I’m going to run a website like this, then I should actually buy the products that you review.  Then I know exactly what I am talking about when I review it.  I don’t sound like a parrot repeating what other people have said.  not only that…the products are tax-deductible because they are a business expense. 

  2. Hello there, thanks for this absolutely smart article you’ve shared. Going online to make money needs quite a high level of hard work and people who are lazy too would jump on the offer and on seeing a difficult work, they drop out. It’s no doubt that Direct-Response Copywriting isn’t easy and that’s why it requires patience and hard work. Thanks for the clarity on awai copywriting 

    • You are absolutely right Lawton.  Direct Response Copywriting requites a lot of hard work.  You have to find the clients.  Then you ahve to do research on the product that you’re promoting.  Then you have to actually write the piece.  It’s a lot of work, and usually takes a good three-to-four weeks to finish, especially starting out.  Thanks for your comment, Lawson.  It’s apreciated.  Have a great day. 

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