Affilorama Review – Good Product or Skip It?

Affilorama is one of the giants in the industry. A titan of the affiliate world. Now its time to bring them front and center. It’s time for an Affilorama Review by Zen of Online Business.Affilorama Logo

Product: Affilorama

Product Website: Affilorama.com

Owner: Mark Ling
Price: $0 (up sells: $37, $997)
Rank: 4 out of 5

So What Does Affilorama Actually Provide?

You actually do get a lot of material for free from Affilorama. They have the whole platform available to whoever wants it for free. Affilorama typically make its money on the up sells that will be discussed in a few minutes.

The training is very extensive and intensive. you will learn plenty about how to build and promote an affiliate website from Initial concept to SEO.

First Free Affilorama Lessons

The First Lesson Section on Affilorama

The actual high-level topics that are covered are:

  • The essentials for new affiliate marketers
  • Marketing Research
  • How to build your web site
  • Creating Content
  • Marketing ideas
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Outsourcing

And there are numerous modules (between 3-20) on each topic. That’s 10s of hours of education for free.

So as you can see, you get tons of free education from Affilorama.

How Much Support Do You Need?

There is a fairly active forum on Affilorama. And usually the more active the forum, the faster you can get questions answered. That is not a tried and true fact, however.

Another thing to consider is how experienced the people are that try to give you help. Are they a day old or have they been there a few years? This matters, and you might want to take the help with a grain of salt.

There is also a support desk that you can reach out to. It might take longer to get your questions answered this way…but you are dealing with people that have better knowledge of the product. You are more likely to get guaranteed better help from the support desk than from the forum group.

I would suggest using both and seeing which support channel gives you the better results.

But the biggest question… Does mark get in there and answer questions for his students? Mostly the answer is no, he does not. But this stands to reason. He is an entrepreneur. Mark is busy

Affilorama Forum Top Thnumbnail

This is the top Navigation Thumbnail for the Affilorama Forum.

coming up with new products and inventions to promote.

But I work with a system where the owners are in the chat rooms (not forums, but chat rooms) every day.

–> If you want timely support (from seconds to 24 hours), even from the owners of the training platform, click here!!!

And How About the Web Hosting?

i have looked all over the website (yes, I have an Affilorama account). And through all my searches, I have not found a web hosting platform supported by Affilorama.

I can only assume that there is no hosting platform offered on Affilorama. That only means that you have to go off-site to get hosting.

That leaves you to the likes of GoDaddy, HostGator, Wix or similar hosting companies. The only way you might get hosting from Affilorama is when you have them build your site for you with the Affilojetpack (covered in the next section).

The platform that I use for training actually has a web hosting platform that you can use…and the best part is if you know what you want to call the site, the domain name ready, and the theme you want to use…you can build your website in less than 30 seconds, and it will be ready to use in less than five minutes.

And the best part is that you can get two sub-domain websites for free for just signing up and getting started on this platform.

–> Claim your two free hosted sub-domain websites now!

So How Much is This Free Training, Really?

Well, the free training is absolutely free. There is no charge or obligation whatsoever.

But do you remember me talking about some up-sells. There are three of them:

Up Sell #1 Pathways to Passive

Pathways to Passive Book Cover

Mark’s E-Book, Pathways to Oassive.

Pathways to Passive is an E-Book that teaches you how to really set your affiliate website on autopilot.

You will learn how to find a profitable product to market, how to bring in the right people to buy your product offering, Convert those people into buyers, and write link-generating content…and more.

The price of this e-book is $37.

Up Sell #2 Affilotools

Affilotools is a dashboard product that shows you the health of your site SEO-Wise.

This product can show you how your site is performing on numerous search engines and social media sites…and allows you to drill down into your SEO to see which keywords are working well for you, and even allows you to see your geographic (what countries your traffic is coming from).

You can use this product see your growth on the internet and through social media over time, as well.

And the best part is that you can use this tool to see if your competition is catching up with you or not.

Right now Affilotools is free, but seems the reason is that the product is being beta tested right now. I heard speculations that Affilotools may be $197 after beta, but that is JUST SPECULATION…not official by any means at all.

So if you decide to go with Affilorama, enjoy the free Beta Test Affilotools while you can…but once it goes live, you can get most of the information from a good keyword research tool and/or Google Analytics.

Up Sell #3 Affilojetpack

This seems to be Mark’s flagship product.

This is a done-for-you website product. You will be able to build fave websites that are ready to go, but it seems as though they will be geared toward selling some of Mark’s other products for commission.

And for these sites, Mark also gives you the famous Affilorama AffiloTheme WordPress theme. Mark used to charge $97 for the AffiloTheme by itself…now it comes with each of the five websites that you start.

I used to think that Mark used PLR’s and randomized them to create unique content, but it seems that in the product you will get a cheat sheet for content writing.

You can give this cheat sheet to any writer (or multiple writers) and they can come up with 10’s (maybe even 100’s) of different articles from that cheat sheet.

Affilojetpack wordpress theme

An image of the Affilotheme in the Workpress back office.

And this just scratches the surface of what you get from Affilorama.

And the price of the Affilojetpack is $997.

What Is My Opinion on Affilorama?

I think that Affilorama is good business to get involved with. The problem is that Affilorama has some gaps in its platform offerings.

A pretty big setback is that you only get hosting on Affilorama if you get the $997 Affilojetpack. With the people I work with, I get web hosting for private domain hosting for $49/month (for 25 possible private domains). It would take about 2 years at that price to pay for Affilojetpack.

And the owners of that platform will teach you how to develop a website on any niche you want…and then monetize it.

I think that the free education can supplement any program you are currently going through, but I suggest you take a look at what I am doing, and see if that’s a better deal for you.


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