Adding Personality To Your Website

Have you ever clicked on a site from a Google Search to find a pre internet 2.0 site. You read the description of the site and it looked great. You click on the link from the search and bam. Visual

Your site will be looking as sharp as this guy in this car when we get done today.
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That’s what can happen when your website doesn’t have any personality in it. You get traffic, but a massive bounce rate because the visual appeal to your site is awful.

In some cases you may even be expecting ’90’s music MIDI loops to start any minute.

Today I’m going to teach you how to avoid this trap and produce a visually appealing site. Lets get started.

The display of your content

Have you ever clicked on a Google Search link to land on a post with massive paragraphs. You know, those paragraphs that go for ten or more lines. Yikes!

Even worse, what about the posts where the author doesn’t know what a paragraph (or even punctuation) is.

Don’t be one of these people. When blogging and affiliate marketing, white space is your friend. So is some semblance of punctuation, by the way.

Very few of your paragraphs should go longer than three lines in your WordPress editor. Most paragraphs should be shorter.

If you notice, sometimes I just have one sentence paragraphs.

That’s why. People today need the white space, so give it to them.

Get your Layout down first and the rest will visually fall into place.
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The layout of the site

I used to visit a website regularly that had menu 10 or more rows deep across the top of the website.

This is a huge turnoff to viewers.

This is also the biggest aspect for a site to get right. If the first fold of the screen has a bunch of menus on it, less internet saavy people may just leave the website, and you just lost an otherwise potential avid reader.

All menus across the top should only take up one line. You can see the actual content of the site at that point. The top of the site looks much cleaner as well.

If you have many rows of minus at the top of the website, it looks disorganized, unruly, and the menu structure is confusing.

If you have so many minus, I bet you can turn some of those menus into sub-menus, and other menus into sub-sub-menus.

The drop-down menus are there for a reason. Use them!

If some categories can’t fit in a sub menu or sub-sub-menu, make another menu on the sidebar to put that menu into.

Creation of a logo

Finally, you will want to create a logo. It brands your website and gives your website a memorable, individualistic touch.

This can be as easy as going to a logo generation site and building the logo. Then download the logo to your computer and upload it to WordPress.

Too easy.

In Conclusion

If your website doesn’t have personality (isn’t set up right), you will lose readership.

If you lose readership, you aren’t going to make any money.

I have only touched on aspects and processes you can work on to add more personality and user-friendliness to your website. But you can check this out for complete training on how to get these facets of your website handled, and much more.

So click on the link in the paragraph above… You’ll be glad you did.

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If you have any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section. I will respond to them.

And as always, good luck out on the internet.

Sean Monahan

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