About Sean

First, I want to welcome everyone to zenofonlinebusiness.com. Most of you are interested in starting a side hustle or home business for yourself. And if that is the case, then you are in the right place. But before I go any further, what makes me qualified to run such a website.

Where I Came From and What I’m About

Well, it all started about 2004, I was barely making ends meet at my warehouse job. I was paid just a little over minimum wage and just getting by in life. Then the entrepreneurial bug got hold of me. That was the year everything changed in my life. I just know that I had to have something on the side, or I wasn’t going to go anywhere.

So the very first thing I tried was drop-ship retail. I got all my brochures together and all my order forms and so on. I even bought a brand new computer and Intuit’s quickbooks to keep track of all the earnings. And then I went to work. I pitched and pitched, but when I finally closed my doors, I had only made 2 sales and not even $100.

After that, I tried real estate investing, Herbalife (MLM), and a number of online things, and nothing seemed to work. I even ended up having to declare bankruptcy in 2009 (how embarrassing was that)

Then finally, at the end of my rope, I found Wealthy Affiliate. I liked what they had to pitch. It’s an education program that’s reasonably priced, and one of the most powerful web hosting companies i have used as well.

So Why am I Here Helping You?

I am here really as a service. I went through many hard times just to get here. If I can help anyone who comes here from experiencing those hard times, then I have done my job. So I am here to help you avoid the pitfalls that I fell into in the first place.

I am Here to Help You…

My goal is to write articles concerning the pitfalls that I had encountered moving through this home business journey and finding my way online. And you are even somewhat following me as I continually progress as well.

I will also be providing reviews of various products out there so that you don’t tie yourself down in what seems to be an awesome financial decision…only to later find out that the product was a financial bust.

But, I am not necessarily a scam expose site. I give my opinion of various programs, either by personal experience or my research. I will tell you what I think the pros and cons of a program are in my reviews, but I will not make a definitive call to if the product is a scam or not. To purchase or not is a decision that you have to make for yourself.

So that being said…

If you have any questions for me, or you want a review on a product, you can email me at any time. I generally will get to your email within 24-48 hours. The email is seanm@zenofonlinebusiness.com

All the best,




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