A Private Domain Name – Your Key to Rankings

WordPress.com is considered a sub-domain. Courtesy of Alexander Gounder from Pixabay.

So what’s the big deal behind a private domain name? I mean, can’t a simple Blog Spot blog or WordPress.com Blog work for me? After all, I want to do this internet thing on the cheap.

Well, it depends.

If you’re on the internet just to write about what’s going on in your life…that’s fine. Blog Spot and WordPress.com are just right for you.

But if you’re trying to make money online, you are fighting against the upstream current if you are using these services.

There’s now two ways about it. You are shooting yourself in the foot.

Why is that? I’m glad you asked.

Sub-Domains don’t get ranked as easily as private domains.

Why is that…? I don’t know, but I can make some speculations.

1) You are not on your own platform: You are sharing with many other people that are posting content of various quality.

Do you know what the other users are doing on their parts of the platform? Even if you did know, do you have the authority to change aberrant behavior? At least aberrant in the eyes of the search engines.

So it’s impossible to control the overall quality of the sub-domain sites so that you can be properly SEO optimized.

Really the sub-domains should be used to start building your website framework. That is if you are serious about building a website that can make some good money online.

2) You could be sharing a platform with a lot of copy/pasters: This point really segues in with the above point. How many people on these sub-domain websites are just copying and pasting long quotes to make their points in their blog posts?

You are sharing the sub-domain platform with these people. Keep in mind that Google looks at the whole website, not the individual accounts on the websites.  If Google sees a sub-domain site with a lot of duplicate material on it, the site is downgraded in the SEO rankings.

The proper way to show proof of a claim is to make your claim, then link back to the website that provides the facts/evidence for the claim that you make. There is no duplicate material, so the site should rank higher in the search engines.

Are you motivated to make it to the top? Courtesy of Free-Photos from pixabay.com

3) A sub-domain shows how serious you really are…or a lack thereof: If you are using a sub-domain after putting out 100’s of posts,  How serious are you about being online…outside of just putting your life and opinions online?

I think the search engines might take the same approach. I don’t really know for sure, really I don’t think anyone really knows except for the search engine developers.

As I mentioned before, sub-domains are so you can get your website infrastructure planned out and squared away. When that gets done, it’s time to take off the training wheels and get into a private domain.

A private domain is what it’s all about.

So why is a Private Domain better than a sub-domian anyway?

The reasons stated above are why you want to be out of a sub-domain as fast a possible. The benefits of a private domain are…

1) You control your own platform: You ultimately decide what goes on your website and what doesn’t.

You don’t have hobby posters bringing your content down with their content. You don’t have jerks putting out spamming back links on other peoples’ blogs so they can get attention.

You control the site. You control what goes onto the site. And you control the actions that develop from your site (posting spammy back links and copy/pasting or not).

Doing all the right moves (which is easy) will increase your rankings. Likewise, doing all the wrong moves will crater your rankings.

2) You can post all original content: Where newbies think the only way to make their point is to copy and paste quotes on their page, then render attribution… You know you can make a claim about some topic, and then link back to a website where the facts/evidence is at.

That’s what sets the professional apart from the amateur. Linking back to the post also keeps duplicate material off your site, and make your website more likely to be ranked well in the search engines.

The only action that would make the page even more likely to rank would be to have a hyperlink linking back to another post on your site. This is a great way to expand on a concept the original blog.

You don’t want to get off topic in your original blog, but there’s a term that you need to go into more detail on. Just make another blog going into that topic, then link back to the new blog from the

You can make original content…say goodbye to the days of being weighted down by copy/pasters. Courtesy of Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay.

original blog.

You not only expand the value of your blog by adding the link back to another one of your blogs…you also just added even more content to your overall site. This gives your site even more weight in the eyes of the search engines.

I just covered two important topics that show the mark of a pro over a sub-domain amateur…making claims and linking back to your facts/evidence, and creating elaboration posts to elaborate on topics in other posts. Both of these will help your rankings in the search engines.

3) A private domain shows that you’re a professional: As I keep saying, sub-domains are so you can work out your website infrastructure and start building your site out. You will eventually outgrow the sub-domain.

One of the reasons is you will want to get away from the hotmail, gmail, and outlook emails. You will want to move to a private domain web address. You know… yourname@myawesomewebsite.com.

You can’t have the specialized email address unless you have a private domain.

I also think-but can’t prove-that the search engines put weight on this aspect of you website as well. The engineers that create the programs are probably considering how serious you are based on if you are using a sub-domain or a private domain as your platform.

So bottom line is having a private domain as your internet platform says all the right things. I recommend you get to that position as fast as possible.

If you want to learn more about how to use the sub-domain-to-private domain method of developing a website (as well as many other tricks for the internet), I recommend you check out Wealthy Affiliate. You will learn how to build and develop an online business from the ground up…the simple way.

I hope this post has added some value to you. Write about what you have learned from this post or any additions in the comments. I appreciate my readership and respond to all comments.

And always, I wish you luck…no matter where you end up on the internet.


Sean Monahan

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