Product Support-It’s a Must.

Hits: 8Have you ever had an issue that you needed assistance on, only to find out that you can’t find any help. You spent your hard-earned money on a product, and the retailer didn’t even set up a help desk. You would be thinking that would be the first thing the retailer would do. Especially … [Read more…]

What Can Keywords Do For You?

Hits: 8If you are an online business owner, you already know the answer to the title’s question. Keywords have everything to do with your performance online. Really…keywords have everything to do with your livelihood as well. There is such thing as overdoing the keywords, though. You don’t want to put your keyword in your article … [Read more…]

Coffee Shop Millionaire-Is it really still worth it to buy?

Hits: 7Title of Book/Program: Coffee Shop Millionaire (CSM) Author/Creator: Anthony Trister Price: $37/month ($297 upsell) Rating: 2 out of 5 Coffee Shop Millionaire is a program that teaches the fundamentals of product creation, local marketing, and other copy writing techniques. It has been around for a while, so in internet terms, the information may be quite … [Read more…]